Matthew 24-25| Does the Olivet Discourse Discuss Two Subjects or One? #2

Does the Olivet Discourse Contrast a “Local Judgment” Versus a Universal Judgment? One of the “favorite” objections to a united Olivet Discourse is the claim that the fall of Jerusalem was to be a strictly “localized” event, whereas the second coming of Christ, supposedly foretold in Matthew 24:36f is a universal event. In formal public […]Read More »

Responding to the Critics| William Bell Responds to Howard Denham

criticsWilliam Bell Responds to the Critics Howard Denham is a caustic, acerbic critic of Covenant Eschatology, who seems incapable of engaging in honorable, respectful dialogue.  Name calling and questioning of the integrity of his opponents is standard fare with him, unfortunately. Denham prides himself on his prowess (claimed) in the use of logic. However, when […]Read More »

Matthew 24-25| Is The Olivet Discourse About Two Subjects? #1

MATTHEW 24-25: THE OLIVET DISCOURSE, DIVIDED OR UNITED? #1 Matthew 24 is truly a “crux interpretum,” a critical text, for the study of eschatology. To the Premillennialist it constitutes a program for the ages. To the Amillennialist and Postmillennialist it is a divided discourse speaking of the fall of Jerusalem and then the so-called “end […]Read More »

John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections?-- A Look At Daniel 12

John 5:24-29– Resurrection and Daniel 12 John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections?-  A Look At Daniel 12 It is ironic, to say the least, that one of the objections to Covenant Eschatology is that it goes against the grain of scholarly consensus. After all, we are challenged, “What scholar accepts the full preterist view?” Or, “Where in […]Read More »

John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections? Israel and Resurrection

old covenant israelWhat is the connection between Israel and Resurrection? John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections? Old Covenant Israel and the Resurrection In our on-going examination of John 5:24-29 and whether Jesus foretold two resurrections, one spiritual the other physical, we have demonstrated that the prophetic source of his teaching includes Ezekiel 37. As we shall see, Daniel 12 […]Read More »

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