Responding to the Critics| A Response to Howard Denham's Abuse of Logic and Scripture #5

responding to the criticsResponding to the Critics| Howard Denham’s Abuse of Logic and Doctrine – #5 In a previous article we demonstrated that Howard Denham has no concept of the Hebraic world, the Day of Atonement, the already – but – not – yet of scripture and even the fundamentals of logic, although he claims to be a […]Read More »

Was The Day of Pentecost the Day of the Lord of Joel 2?

Was the Day of Pentecost the Day of the Lord of Joel 2? Presuppositional views of eschatology lead to distorted hermeneutics. Very often, those “fleeing from the lion, run into the bear” so to speak. That is, they seek so hard to refute a view of eschatology that they view as erroneous, that they invent […]Read More »

Replacement Theology #14| The Old Creation Versus the New!

Replacement Theology| Replacing the Old Creation With the New Creation As we have seen, many Old Testament prophecies spoke of Israel’s ultimate destruction (Isaiah 65-66; Daniel 9:27; 12:7, etc.). This proves that nationalistic Israel was never God’s ultimate purpose. He promised a new heaven and new earth, only after Israel was destroyed (Isaiah 65:6-19). The […]Read More »

Replacement Theology #13| Israel the Shadow of Better Things!

Replacement Theology| They Were Types of Us #13 In our study of Replacement Theology, it is difficult to over-emphasize this installment and the ones to follow. In the previous article, I demonstrated that in Israel’s own prophecies, YHVH had always– always – intended to “replace” the Old Covenant identity of Israel with the New Covenant […]Read More »

Mystery of the Shemitah| Jonathan Cahn's Fatal Admission!

The Mystery of The Shemitah Is False| Cahn Admits It! Well, it is, as I write this, September 22, 2015. It is now well past the date of September 13, the end of the Mystery of the Shemitah year set by the false prophet Jonathan Cahn, for the total, catastrophic collapse of America’s economic system. […]Read More »

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