Is the ISIS Destruction of Nimrod the Fulfillment of Prophecy?

destruction of nimrod by isisIs the Destruction of Nimrod by ISIS the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? Well, as one might expect, the prophecy pundits are at it again! The Internet is alive with so-called prophecy experts  claiming that the destruction of the ancient city of Nimrod (modern name Nimrud) at the hands of the radical Islamic group ISIS  is […]Read More »

The End of the Age, or the End of Time? #6

The end of the age- or the end of time?End of the Age – Or the End of Time This is the final installment in the series by David Curtis, of Berean Bible Church of Virginia Beach. Dave has shared with us some great thoughts about the question of the end of the age and the claims about the end of time. He has […]Read More »

The Four Blood Moons| Is John Hagee Hedging?

four blood moonsIs John Hagee Beginning to Hedge About the Four Blood Moons? As virtually everyone knows, John Hagee, prominent minister from San Antonio, Tx, ardent Zionist, is on record predicting that by September of 2015, “something big” concerning Israel and the end of the age will occur. He based his predictions on what is called the […]Read More »

The End of the Age, or the End of Time? Guest Article #5-- Dave Curtis

the end of the age, or the end of timeThe End of the Age, or the End of Time? In the previous installments, Dave Curtis, of Berean Bible Church has shared with us the facts that the Bible never predicted the end of time. Instead, the Bible invariably spoke of “the end of the age” and the time of the end. This is installment […]Read More »

Guest Article: Terry Siverd| Contextual Interpretation

contextual interpretationContextual Interpretation & Fulfillment Terry Siverd is a long time advocate of Covenant Eschatology and a good friend. Terry served as Associate Minister of the Parkman Road Church of Christ for decades and continues as Minister of the Cortland Church of Christ in Ohio. He is an excellent student and speaker, and we hope one […]Read More »

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