Israel and the Land Promises| Foreshadowing Christ! #10

 Israel and the Land Promises– Shadow or Reality? I ask the reader to ask a series of simple, but important questions: 1 Which is better, shadow or reality? 2. Which is enduring, shadow or reality/ 3. Does the shadow point to the body, or, does the body point to the shadow? 4. It is better […]Read More »

They Dispensational Myth of Replacement Theology| Replacing the Shadows! #9

The Dispensational Myth of Replacement Theology| Replacing the Shadows – #9 We closed our last installment with these comments: “As Jesus foretold that coming destruction, he said: “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached into all the world, as a witness to the nations, then comes the end.” Do you catch that? It is […]Read More »

Replacement Theology| Israel's Festal Calendar- Shadow or Reality?

Replacement Theology|Israel’s Feast Days Our previous article explored the doctrine of replacement theology from the perspective of Israel and her entire existence being a shadow of better things to come. There can be no serious question about whether Israel’s existence was typological, a foreshadowing of “better things to come.In fact, I suggest that a study […]Read More »

The Olivet Discourse| United or Divided? Matthew 13 & Matthew 25

The Olivet Discourse| United or Divided? In previous articles we have demonstrated the unity of the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24-25. We have shown that Jesus does not discuss two totally disparate events, separated in time by so far 2000 years. He was discussing one topic, one subject: his coming in judgment of the Old Covenant […]Read More »

Replacement Theology| Replacing the Shadow With the Reality #7

Replacement Theology| Replacing the Shadow with the Body Please be sure to read the previous installments of this series, beginning here. It is important to understand that the Dispensational charge of Replacement Theology against non Millennial groups is actually an attempt to divert attention away the fact that no one teaches replacement theology more than […]Read More »

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