The New Covenant and Dispensational Premillennialism #3

the new covenantThe New Covenant And Dispensational Premillennialism In the previous article, I cited some Dispensational Premillennial writers who claim that the Jeremiad Covenant (The “New Covenant” of Jeremiah 31) has not been established, and that, in the Millennium, when it is established, things that are true now, under the gospel, will be radically different! It is […]Read More »

Dispenational Premillennialism and the New Covenant #2

  Dispensationalism Premillennialism and the New Covenant Dispensational Premillennialism says that the New Covenant promised in Jeremiah 31 has not been established yet, and will be established until the arrival of the THE MILLENNIUM. But, is this true? Be sure to read the first article in this short series. We need to ask some more […]Read More »

The New Covenant| Dispensational Premillennialism and the Gospel #1

The New Covenant| Dispensational Premilennialism and the Gospel Note: This material is copyrighted. However, other web sites are welcome to post this article with the stipulation that you also provide a link to this website, and that the entirety of this article, unedited and unaltered, along with proper attribution of author, is given. Please notify […]Read More »

Islamic Eschatology or Jobs?| Are Jobs the Solution to ISIS?

Islamic ISIS| Eschatology or Jobs? A White House spokeswoman suggested just a day or so, that the radical Islamic ISIS movement could be eliminated, the problem solved, if ways could be found to just find them good jobs. These comments are just another on-going example of the abject refusal of the current leadership in Washington […]Read More »

But of That Day and Hour Knoweth No Man| Guest Article by William Bell

“But of That Day and Hour!” Whenever the time of the Lord’s return is discussed, the question always arises concerning what Jesus said in the Olivet Discourse, and Matthew 24:36. “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, neither angels nor the Son.” Why then as some reason, do we presume to know the […]Read More »

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