Islamic Radicals| American Political Denial of Reality

Islamic Radicals and Political Naivete and Denial The world has watched in horror as Islamic radicals, members of the group known as Issis, have invaded Iraq. Their cruelty, their bloodthirsty actions are unbelievable. They message to the citizens of the tows they were either getting ready to invade, or that they had captured was, you […]Read More »

The Passing of the Law of Moses| Guest Article by William Bell

William Bell is an excellent Bible student and great friend. In a recent Facebook exchange, the discussion turned to the passing of the Law of Moses, whether it passed at the cross, or in AD 70. The focus of the discussion turned quickly to Romans 7. Below is part of the discussion, as William demonstrated […]Read More »

Responding to the Critics| A Response to Howard Denham's Response to Bell and Preston

responding to the criticsHoward Denham is, without doubt, one of the most caustic ministers you will ever encounter. He seems to be incapable of having a respectful, courteous discussion with anyone that differs with him, especially if you believe in Covenant Eschatology. Denham recently informed me that, in essence, he was going to stalk me on Facebook and […]Read More »

Job 19:25-26| Resurrection of the Flesh? #7

job 19 25 26Be sure to read the previous article in which we demonstrated the overwhelming sense of imminence of the end in 1 Peter. We presented this in our ongoing study of the question of whether Job 19:25-26 predicted an end time resurrection, as affirmed by some folks. In my formal public debate with Joel McDurmon (July […]Read More »

Job 19:25-26| Resurrection of the Flesh? #6

Job 19:25-26| Resurrection of the Flesh? #6 As we have proven in the previous articles, there is virtually no support for the claim that Job 19:25-26 predicted an end time resurrection, much less a fleshly, bodily resurrection. He most assuredly did not contemplate the end of human history. However, in the previous article, I noted […]Read More »

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