John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections? #3

Did Jesus Speak of Two Resurrections in John 5:24-29 Be sure to read the first two installments in this series about John 5:24-29–  #1   #2 Those who contend for two resurrections in John 5:24-29 are guilty of petitio principii in the extreme. They simply assume that there are two, and then argue from there. This […]Read More »

John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections? #2

We are examining the claim that John 5:24-29 speaks of two different resurrections of disparate nature, at two widely separated times. The claim is made the when Jesus (v. 24-25) referred to “the hour that now is” he was referring to a spiritual resurrection out of “sin-death” i.e. alienation from God. However, according to the […]Read More »

John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections?

Does John 5:24-29 Predict Two Resurrections One of the favorite objections to the true preterist view of eschatology is an appeal to John 5:24-29: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from […]Read More »

Responding to the Critics| Christian, What Say Ye?

responding to the criticsResponding to the Critics|Christian, What Say Ye?? “Time makes the Christian doctrine of a second coming of Christ’ lose all credibility. If Jesus promised to come back shortly and the disciples expected so strongly to see Jesus return and establish the kingdom of God and neither event occurred, for what can the church still hope? […]Read More »

Islamic Radicals| American Political Denial of Reality

Islamic Radicals and Political Naivete and Denial The world has watched in horror as Islamic radicals, members of the group known as Isis, have invaded Iraq. Their cruelty, their bloodthirsty actions are unbelievable. They message to the citizens of the tows they were either getting ready to invade, or that they had captured was, you […]Read More »

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