Debate with "Ask Dr. Brown" Coming Up!

ask dr brownDr. Michael Brown is an apologist who hosts a popular program entitled Ask Dr Brown. In June of 2014 Dr. Brown and I engaged in a formal YouTube debate. You can watch that first debate here. That first debate has been watched over 20,000 times! The focus of that first debate was Romans 11:25-27 and […]Read More »

The Jerusalem Temple and the "End of the World"

The jerusalem temple and the "End of the World" ?The Jerusalem Temple and the End of the World In several formal public debates, my opponents have totally disparaged the significance of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in AD 70, arguing that “it was just another Jewish city that was destroyed” and most of the ancient world could have cared less, most especially the […]Read More »

The True Israel of God| Who Are "The People"?

Identifying the true Israel of GodWho Is  The True Israel of God? Who Is “The People”? Dispensationalism continues to tell us that the nation calling themselves Israel today, constitute “the people” of God. It is insisted that they are God’s covenant people, and that the church is an unpredicted, un-prophesied, interim measure on God’s part, established because God had to […]Read More »

All Israel Shall Be Saved| Who Is Israel?

All Israel Shall Be Saved| Who Is Israel? Dispensationalism claims that at some point in the future, in fulfillment of Romans 11:25-27 “all Israel shall be saved.” The entire paradigm hinges on the identity of “Israel.” It is insisted– and I accept that premise– that Paul was talking about “ethnic” Israel. The problem is that […]Read More »

Redemption of Creation| Romans 8 and the Deliverance from Futility

redemption of creation-- What does it mean?Redemption of Creation| Romans 8 and the Deliverance from “Futility One of the most common beliefs in futurism is that at some point in the future, the “creation” ie. The trees, bugs, slugs and mosquitoes, will be “redeemed.” We will have better trees, better bugs, better rocks (??!!??), a better physical world. This was the […]Read More »

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