Resurrection in Zechariah 14| A Comparison with 1 Corinthians 15

zechariah 14  RESURRECTION  IN ZECHARIAH 14| A COMPARISON WTIH 1 CORINTHIANS 15 1 Corinthians 15 is the hub for any discussion of resurrection. What is sadly overlooked is its absolute reliance on the Old Testament. Amillennialists especially have the Old Testament in its entirety abrogated at the Cross. If this was true however, how could Paul, […]Read More »

Zechariah 14| Resurrection and the Restoration of the Throne of God

ZECHARIAH 14| RESURRECTION AND THE RESTORATION OF “THE THRONE OF GOD” In previous articles we have established that Zechariah 14 predicted the end of the age resurrection. We have likewise examined Zechariah in light of other resurrection texts, and shown that they never predicted “casket resurrection” i.e. the raising of corpses out of the ground. […]Read More »

John Hagee And the Blood Moons| Has Something Big Happened Yet?

John Hagee’s Blood Moon Will Soon Set In a previous article we shared the prediction of John Hagee concerning what is known as the blood moon. Hagee notes that from April 15, 2014 (which is today, as I write this!!) to September 2015, the world will see the Great Tribulation and the Battle of Gog […]Read More »

Zechariah 14| Resurrection and the Kingdom of God #2

In our last installment on Zechariah 14, we established the fact that this great chapter is about the establishment of the Kingdom of God. Be sure to read that article here.   The Nature of the Kingdom God: “My Kingdom Is Not of This World” There can be no question that Jesus came to restore […]Read More »

John Hagee| The Total Eclipse of His Four Blood Moons Theology

The Eclipse of John Hagee’s Blood Moons John Hagee is at it again. That’s right, he is, once again, predicting that the time of the end is upon us, and he “guarantees” that what he is saying is God’s truth. This time, Hagee has consulted with a Jewish Rabbi that, he assures us, really knows […]Read More »

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