Michael Brown -V- Don K. Preston Debate Is At Hand!

I want to remind our visitors that Dr. Michael Brown and I will be engaging in a second formal debate tomorrow- July 8, 2015. The debate will be at 4:30 Eastern time, for two hours. It will be recorded and will be posted on YouTube as quickly as possible. The themes for this debate are […]Read More »

What About Us| What About Now? - Guest Article by Terry Cropper

What About Us? In the previous installment of Terry Cropper’s excellent article, he began answering the question What About Us? | What About Now? that is posed by those investigating Covenant Eschatology. In fact, this is one of the most commonly asked questions of all! Be sure to read Terry Cropper- Part #1, of what […]Read More »

What About Us? - Guest Article by Terry Cropper

What About Us? This is one of the most often asked questions that preterists hear. And it is an important question! I do not remember meeting Terry Cropper face to face, but, I have read his writings for some time, and he is a good student of the word. I am pleased to share with […]Read More »

Christians Need to Stop Praying...?!

Okay, before I proceed, I am not actually suggesting that Christians stop praying, okay? But, I want to address a situation that exists today that is, in my opinion, very sad and very dangerous. In the days following the Supreme Court’s horrendous, unconstitutional, and ungodly decision to redefine marriage (a decision unprecedented in the history […]Read More »

Guest Article| Larry Siegle on the Bellview Lectureship Speakers

Larry Siegle on the Bellview Lectureship Speakers and Their Claims Larry Siegle is a long time friend. He has always been and is, a person of the highest character. As we have reported earlier, the Bellview ch of Christ in Saufley, Florida, recently completed a lectureship with the theme of Refuting Realized Eschatology. Larry has […]Read More »

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