The Great Tribulation, Past or Future- #3

The great tribulation past or future?The Great Tribulation Past or Future- #3 In this article addressing the question: The Great Tribulation, Past or Future?, Terry Cropper shares some great historical and Biblical evidence to show that the Tribulation was a first century event, just as Jesus foretold. Be sure to read the previous two installments  here and here.  This is […]Read More »

The Great Tribulation, Past or Future?

The Great Tribulation, past or future?The Great Tribulation, Past or Future? I am sharing a short series of articles by Terry Cropper of Philadelphia. Terry has done a fine job of investigating and sharing some powerful points about the Great Tribulation, Past or Future? Be sure to read the previous article here. Matthew 24:10 Then many false prophets will rise […]Read More »

The Great Tribulation| Past or Future? Guest Article by Terry Cropper

The Great Tribulation| Past or Future-- Information for you!The Great Tribulation| Past or Future? Terry Cropper is a good Bible student and he recently posted the following article on FaceBook. I have taken the liberty of “stealing” his article. Let me recommend that for even more detailed study of the Great Tribulation, you get a copy of my book, Blast From the Past, […]Read More »

Was the Restoration of Israel in 1948 Prophetically Significant?

Was the restoration of israel in 1948 Prophetically Significant?Was the Restoration of Israel  in 1948 Prophetically Significant? Dispensationalists point to the “restoration of Israel” in 1948 (which was not the restoration of Israel since Biblical, Abrahamic Israel simply does not exist today, or in 1948!). Far too many Bible students – who are not even Dispensationalists – seem to think that the events […]Read More »

Is the ISIS Destruction of Nimrod the Fulfillment of Prophecy?

destruction of nimrod by isisIs the Destruction of Nimrod by ISIS the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? Well, as one might expect, the prophecy pundits are at it again! The Internet is alive with so-called prophecy experts  claiming that the destruction of the ancient city of Nimrod (modern name Nimrud) at the hands of the radical Islamic group ISIS  is […]Read More »

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