The Resurrection| Who Are the Dead Ones in 1 Corinthians 15 - Guest Article

The Resurrection| Who are the dead ones? By Holger W. Neubauer I am very glad to share with our visitors a series of articles on the resurrection, by my friend Holger Neubauer. Needless to say, 1 Corinthians 15 is the foundational text of appeal by futurists who claim that the resurrection is yet future and […]Read More »

Open Debate Challenge - Again!

Open Debate Challenge for an Amillennialist I am reposting my open challenge for a qualified, honorable and respectful representative of the Amillennial view of eschatology to meet me in formal debate. I have posted this challenge in several venues, including FaceBook pages dedicated to the Amillennial view, but, I have received no responses. In light […]Read More »

Exciting Announcement| Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Coming Up!

Exciting Announcement! The Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, will be July 14-16, 2016. This is always one of the best seminars, get togethers! You do not want to miss this! Venue is, as usual, the wonderful facility of the Ardmore Convention Center, Ardmore, Ok. This year’s Theme: The Error of Amillennialism. Each speaker on the dias […]Read More »

replacement theologyReplacement Theology| Paul, the Church and the Hope of Israel #31 As we begin to bring this study of Replacement Theology to a close, it is critical that we take another, closer look at some of the things that Paul says, as they relate to his eschatological hope and his view of Israel and her […]Read More »

Dispelling Dominionism and Postmillennialism| Refuting Keith Mathison #2

Dispelling Dominionism and Postmillennialism #2 In the previous article we pointed out just a tiny fraction of the inherent self-contradictions in Dominionism and Postmillennialism. We pointed out that on the one hand Keith Mathison emphasizes the temporal imminence of Hebrews, but on the other hand he mitigates it. He affirms that the OT worthies received […]Read More »

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