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Don K. Preston’s First Negative Presentation: Hicks -V- Preston Debate

Don K. Preston’s First Negative– Hicks V- Preston Written Debate on the Coming of the Lord Olan says I am frustrated. Somewhat true. I am frustrated because Olan refuses to deal with the overt statements of scripture. He falsely represents what he said. He makes blatantly false claims about what texts say or don’t say. He refuses, in spite of…

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Response #3 to Paul Gates’ Slanderous Article: “Dishonest Don”

A Response to Paul Gates’ “Dishonest Don” Response #3 See our previous two articles #1, and #2  in which we expose Paul Gate’s scurrilous article as blatantly false and libelous. Paul Gates has not only falsely accused me of hiding my beliefs about the body of Christ, he likewise falsely charged me with Docetism. Gates defines Docetism as the doctrine…

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Don K. Preston Responds to Paul Gates’: “Dishonest Don” Article #1

Dishonest Don: Preston Get’s Caught! A Brief Response by Don K. Preston– Response #1 On the Reign of Christ blog, Paul Gates posted an article with the title above. The article impugns my integrity in a variety of ways, so I want to address some of the issues and charges. Issue #1– Gates begins with the claim: “Hyperpreterist Don Preston…

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Olan Hicks -V- Don K. Preston Debate on the Coming of the Lord– Hicks’ Second Negative

Olan Hicks – Second negative The theory Don is affirming is a little slippery and not easy to examine. It is produced by a thought process that is not according to ordinary exegetical procedures. It is made unnecessarily complex by the fact that so much of its content is speculation and theory and sometimes it even changes. When Max King…

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