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Resurrection, the Kingdom and 1 Corinthians 15- William Bell – #5

As suggested by the title, this is installment #5 of this fantastic series by William Bell. This series has definitively and irrefutably place 1 Corinthians 15 in the proper context for correct interpretation, and demonstrated the fallacies in the traditional views. Be sure to begin reading with part one here. ***************************************** Who Inherited the Kingdom? It is obvious that the…

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Resurrection, The Kingdom and 1 Corinthians 15- William Bell– #4

One of the greatest misunderstandings in eschatology relates to the meaning of “flesh and blood” in  1 Corinthians 15. Most understand the term to refer to the human body. This is patently wrong however, and understanding the proper definition has a profound impact on our understanding of eschatology. In the 2012 McDurmon-V-Preston debate, McDurmon actually correctly defined the term, but…

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Finally! The McDurmon -V- Preston Debate is Now Available– Kindle!

[headline_tahoma_large_centered color=”#000000″]McDurmon Versus Preston Debate Available Now!/headline_tahoma_large_centered] Finally, after months of unforeseen delays, we are thrilled to be able to announce the availability of the McDurmon -V- Preston Debate. After major issues with transcription, word processors programming, etc., the book is now available on Kindle. The paperback form will be available very shortly, so watch for that announcement as well.…

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Life After Death

How to End The Mystique About Life After Death Forever, and Receive and Enjoy The Blessing of God’s Peace in the Process Hello, I’m Don K. Preston, D. Div Thanks for visiting today. I’m sure you’re here because like millions of people, you want to know about your destiny. Do you have questions about life after death? Are you concerned…

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Dispensational Dominionism- #1

In my recent debate with Joel McDurmon (July 2012) of American Vision, (the book of the debate is forthcoming) McDurmon made several arguments about the Abrahamic Covenant promises and how they must be fulfilled literally and physically in the future. The gist of his argument was this: God promised the land to Abraham personally, not just to his descendants, but…

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