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A Response to Joel McDurmon’s Charge of Misrepresentation – #1

In numerous formal debates, both public and written, I have provided the audience with direct quotes and references from my opponents in regard to their self-contradictions. In response, when confronted with the indisputable fact of their own self contradictions, and worse, of how their own words contradict scripture, my opponents have resorted to claiming that I misrepresented them. They have…

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Isaiah 2-4: God’s Dramatic Last Days Outline – #1

Without question, Isaiah 2-4 is a key OT prophecy of the Last Days, of the work of Messiah, a time of war, the Day of the Lord, and the establishment of the kingdom of Messiah. It is truly a fantastic prophetic revelation! Virtually all eschatological paradigms appeal to this prophecy in support of their views. What is so interesting is…

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The Re-Gathering of Israel– #5

Be sure to read all of the articles in this series #1–> #2 –> #3 –> #4. We have noted that the subject of the re-gathering of Israel is one that garners a great deal of interest and debate in evangelical circles. Zionists tell us that the re-gathering to the literal land of Israel began in 1948, and that event…

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