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Zechariah 14| The Resurrection of Zechariah 14 Was Imminent In the NT!

THE RESURRECTION FORETOLD BY ZECHARIAH 14 WAS IMMINENT IN NT TIMES! Our examination of Zechariah 14 has revealed– very powerfully– that what Zechariah foretold– i.e. the resurrection —  was viewed by the NT writers was being fulfilled in the first century. Be sure to read the previous articles correlating Zechariah with 1 Corinthians 15. Our argument finds support in the…

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Zechariah 14| The Resurrection and the Kingdom of God #1

  ZECHARIAH 14|THE RESURRECTION AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD Our last article established that Zechariah contains several elements that are undeniably resurrection motifs. The prophet said these elements would come to pass “in that day,” the day of the Lord’s A.D. 70 coming in judgment against Jerusalem (vs. 1-5). This means the resurrection is tied to the end of the…

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