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Bible Hermeneutics| Do Preterists Spiritualize Scripture?

HERMENEUTICS: DO PRETERISTS “SPIRITUALIZE” BIBLE PROPHECY? Thomas Ice, an outspoken critic of Covenant Eschatology, says, “Preterists,…overall tend to allegorize key texts (i.e. Matthew 24:29-31). Allegorization occurs when an interpreter brings into a text a meaning, based on ideas, from outside the text. Thus, their interpretation cannot be supported from a normal reading of the words and phrases.” Ice has raised…

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Fulfilled Prophecy

The Full Preterist View| Why It Must Be True.

Why the full preterist view must be true. Nine Reasons Why The Full Preterist View Must Be True A few Years back, Alan Bondar sponsored a seminar in Florida, with the theme suggested by the title above. Several speakers addressed various topics. The list below is a good succinct presentation of why the full preterist view is correct. I will…

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