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Religious Zionism and the Postponement of the Kingdom – #4

Religious Zionism and the Postponement of the Kingdom – #4 In this final installment in our examination of  religious Zionism / Dispensationalism and Determinism, we will show that the idea of a postponed kingdom is false. Keep in mind that religious Zionism / Dispensationalism says that Jesus came to fulfill the Old Covenant promises of the Messianic Kingdom, but that…

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Zionism and the Postponement of the Kingdom| #3

Zionism and Postponement of the Kingdom| True or False? Be sure to read the previous two articles Zionism and Postponement – #1   #2  in this important series. As we have seen, Dispensationalism / Zionism, claims to believe that prophecy is history written beforehand. They claim to believe that God determines what will happen, when it will happen, and how it…

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Responding to the Critics

Objection Answered| Responding to Dispensationalism

Objection Answered| Dispensational Objections I was recently asked by my friend Tony Denton to respond to some Dispensational objections to Covenant Eschatology. What follows is, first of all, the objections, and then, my responses. Dispensational Objection Stated: “You mentioned Daniel 12:11 – “And from the time that the regular burnt offering is taken away and the abomination that makes desolate…

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Zionism and Postponement – Right or Wrong? #1

Zionism and Postponement – Right or Wrong?#1 “The idea that the Divine Plan could have been to any degree whatever defeated and thwarted by evil men is utterly contrary to what the Bible teaches concerning the sovereignty of God.” (Lorraine Boettner, Millennium, 225). Boettner was addressing the modern doctrine of Zionism and Postponement, which says Jesus came to establish the…

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Responding to the Critics| Howard Denham’s Abuse of Logic and Scripture- #10- The Judgment of the Living and the Dead

Howard Denham’s Abuse of Scripture and Logic – #10 – The Judgment of the Living and the Dead This is article #10 in a series of responses to Howard Denham, church of Christ minister, who considers himself to be the “final answer” to the truth of Covenant Eschatology. Denham prides himself– pride in the worst definition of the word –…

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Jonathan Cahn| More False Teaching!

Jonathan Cahn| False Teaching Continues! A short time ago a friend sent me an email asking me to comment on a video by Jonathan Cahn, of the Mystery of the Shemitah infamy. As will be recalled, Mr. Cahn predicted the catastrophic collapse of the American economic system, based on his distorted and misguided application of the Law of Moses to…

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Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13| Rome or Jerusalem?

Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13| Rome or Jerusalem? One of the most comment views in the commentaries is that when Peter sent greetings to the churches from “Babylon” he was cryptically saying that he was in Rome. (Some say he was in literal Babylon, but, that is untenable). Was Peter in Rome referring to that city under the cryptic appellation…

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