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The Kingdom of God| Physical or Spiritual?

What is the Nature of the Kingdom of God? All futurist eschatologies, Amillennialists (with some exceptions), Postmillennialists and Dispensationalists insist that we are waiting on a future physical manifestation and establishment of the kingdom of God. Jesus must rule on planet earth, we are told. In my 2012 debate with Joel McDurmon, he affirmed that Abraham and the ancient Worthies…

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The Nature of the Kingdom| Holiness!

What is the Nature of the Kingdom? Life under Torah was one of futility, and the Law could never give righteousness. Jesus promised to establish the kingdom of heaven, however, and the very nature of this kingdom is holiness! Lamentably, some have misconstrued the very nature of grace, the very nature of God’s character, and the very nature of the…

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The Resurrection and the Time of the End – #4

The Resurrection At “The End” – What Is “The End?” This is the fourth installment from an excellent article by my friend Holger Neubaeur. In this study, Holger is giving us some great exegetical insights into what the Bible actually says about the the resurrection. In this installment, Holger investigates the subject of “the end” since the Bible posits the…

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Formal Debates

Open Debate Challenge – Again!

Open Debate Challenge for an Amillennialist I am reposting my open challenge for a qualified, honorable and respectful representative of the Amillennial view of eschatology to meet me in formal debate. I have posted this challenge in several venues, including FaceBook pages dedicated to the Amillennial view, but, I have received no responses. In light of the fact that most…

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