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Zechariat 14- Responding to the Critics #2

Zechariah 14: Responding to the Critics- #2 Be sure to read the first installment of this two part article on Zechariah 14. Dispensationalists claim that no preterist can harmonize that great chapter with the idea of fulfillment in AD 70. That claim is false, however. Notice that Zechariah 14 predicted the coming of the Lord with his saints, and the…

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Responding to the Critics, Resurrection

Zechariah 14- Responding to the Critics

Responding to the Critics on Zechariah 14 Among dispensationalists Zechariah 14 is considered a major problem for the preterist paradigm. “Zechariah 14 states that when Christ returns, His feet will touch the Mount of Olives and the Mount will split. Since this has not happened, Christ could not have returned in AD 70.” Unfortunately for the Dispensational world, Zechariah actually…

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