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Up Coming Formal Debates

I want to remind our visitors of two important up coming formal debates. May 10– I will be debating Dr. Himie Pickett, a Progressive Dispensationalist. Dr. Pickett is a member of the Pre-Tribulation group founded by Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice, but, rejects the standard Dispensational Premillennial view. That means that he ostensibly rejects the idea that Jesus came to…

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Blood Atonement and the Last Days – #4

Blood Atonement and the Last Days #4 Be sure to read the previous three installments in this series to grasp the full meaning of the subject of Blood Atonement The fifth passage I want to examine is Daniel 12. Daniel 12, compared to 1 Corinthians 15 and Revelation 20 very clearly contains the following constituent elements: Number one is about…

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