Ed Times Dilemma Fulfilled or Future

End Times Dilemma – Future or Fulfilled

Will the current age come to a cataclysmic end one day, or, has the “end of the age” already occurred? Will Jesus one day descend out of heaven as a 5′ 5″ Jewish man, in a physical body, or, was his coming in AD 70? Will there be a resurrection of human corpses out of the dirt, or, is that traditional view of resurrection misguided? Did Adam die the day he ate the forbidden fruit, just as God threatened, or not? These are but a few of the questions discussed in a historical debate between Dominionist (Postmillennialist) Joel McDurmon (PhD) of American Vision, and full (true) preterist, Don K. Preston (D.Div.) president of Preterist Research Institute. This formal debate was held in July, 2012, in Ardmore, Ok., and continues to garner interest and discussion among Bible students. The similarities between the partial preterist camp and the full (or consistent) preterist camp are many, and countless full preterists say the writings of partial preterists such as Ken Gentry, Gary DeMar, etc. led them to the full preterist view. Partial preterists object to this, claiming it is wrong to make that logical leap. In this formal debate, you will find excellent discussion of the issues, as each man presented his case, and sought to refute the other. Here is your chance to read that evidence for yourself, and find your own answers to the End Times Dilemma!

Christianity’s Great Dilemma

John Glen Hill as he takes you through the major dilemma facing the modern church; unfulfilled prophecy and failed predictions by modern teachers. For only $12.95, Glenn dispels the myths taught by many in the modern churches today, and explains a number of topics to show why prophecy is in fact fulfilled, and not as modern teachers would have you believe.


The Red Heifer| Falsifying the Dispensational Time Line!

The Red Heifer – Destroying the Dispensationalism Time Line– #6 One has but to read the headlines, watch YouTube videos, watch the television, to know how much “excitement” there is in the Dispensational and Jewish world about the recent (April, 2014) birth of another red heifer. Initial reports claim that this young bovine is actually qualified to serve as a…


Kurt Simmons Misrepresents Covenant Eschatology View on the End of Torah

Kurt Simmons Misrepresents Covenant Eschatology View on the End of Torah-William Bell Jr I’ve received the latest issue of Fulfilled Magazine, edited Brian L. Martin and published by Fulfilled Communications Group. In this edition are two articles on the resurrection, one by Kurt Simmons and another by Ed Stevens. In later articles we will respond to both resurrection, the kingdom…


Then Comes The End – But, What End? #5

In this series, we have been examining the doctrine of “the end” as used by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15, where he said “the end” comes at the resurrection. It is taken for granted by all futurists that Paul had in mind “the end” of the Christian age, or the end of time. This is pure speculation based on a…

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Isaiah 66 and the Dispensational Postponent Doctrine – #4

Isaiah 66 and the Dispensational Doctrine of Postponement – #4 In our previous article, I demonstrated that Isaiah 66 in conjunction with Acts 3 refutes the Dispensational Postponent doctrine. But, the Millennialists are not alone in having severe difficulties with Isaiah 65-66 –  and Acts 3. J. W. McGarvey, leading figure in the early churches of Christ and still highly…

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The Seventh Day Sabbath: The Elephant in the Room of Dominionism, and Futurism- #1

The Seventh Day Sabbath– The Elephant in the Room of Theonomy / Reconstructionism – And Futurism Preliminary note: I am currently working on a major book on the issue of the seventh day Sabbath. The working title is Celebrating the Eighth Day: Shemini Atzerat!  Lord willing, that book will be published sometime next year, so be looking for it! The…

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Two Priesthoods and the Passing of the Law of Moses – #6- The Priesthood and the Sabbath

Two Priesthoods and the Passing of the Law of Moses – #6 The Priesthood and the Sabbath This series is investigating the question of whether two priesthoods, the Levitical and Christ’s could co-exist for the period between the Cross and AD 70. It is my contention that the two priesthoods did co-exist for that “second exodus period,” but, that the…