Who is This Babylon

Who Is This Babylon? – Don K Preston

When Don K. Preston’s first edition of Who Is This Babylon was introduced, it was called “ground breaking” and even “definitive” by scholars and laymen alike. Preston’s logical, analytical, and most of all textual approach to understand Revelation has helped thousands to better understand this enigmatic book. The book sold out quickly, and has been out of print now for a good while, as Preston continued his research, and also finished other pressing writing projects.

Preston’s continued research has now resulted in a revised, enlarged, (100+ pages added!), and vastly improved second edition of Who Is This Babylon! If you profited from the first edition, you will be blown away with some of the new material in this new book! Here is a small sampling of what Preston has added to the new version of Who Is This Babylon.

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Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13| Rome or Jerusalem?

Babylon in 1 Peter 5:13| Rome or Jerusalem? One of the most comment views in the commentaries is that when Peter sent greetings to the churches from “Babylon” he was cryptically saying that he was in Rome. (Some say he was in literal Babylon, but, that is untenable). Was Peter in Rome referring to that city under the cryptic appellation…

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Babylon| Isaiah 13 and the Language of Imminence

Babylon| The Language of Imminence and Isaiah 13 Does the prophecy of the fall of Babylon in Isaiah 13 refute Covenant Eschatology? The opponents of Covenant Eschatology are constantly “grasping at straws” in order to respond to the power of the Truth. One of the most common objections offered is taken from Isaiah 13: “Some prophecy teachers claim that Isaiah…


The Ever Changing Face of Dispensationalism| A New Identity of Babylon #3

Who Is Babylon of Revelation? A new proposal rocks the Dispensational World– but– contradicts the Bible! A New Identity of Babylon! We are examining the fact that Dispensationalists are constantly changing their interpretation of Bible prophecy, based on “current events.” What they assured the world was “the end” in one generation, is suddenly, with no acknowledgment of the error of…

7 Unmistakeable Identifying Clues of Mystery Babylon

“7 Unmistakeable Clues To Identify Mystery Babylon In Revelation “ Are you sick and tired of being confused about the meaning of the book of Revelation? You’ve heard one theory after another, one so-called, “it’s about to happen now” prophecy after another only to be disappointed with the outcome of abject failure. I feel your pain, and decided to do…

Mystery Babylon Revealed

“Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots in Revelation Identified” Who is this woman in the Book of Revelation that is adorned in high fashion, expensive jewelry, wears a tiara, and advanced to the Divine throne of royalty? In Revelation, “Babylon” is a code word for the mystery city. The book is not about ancient Babylon nor modern day Iraq. Babylon…

The Last Days Identified And Explained

The Last Days Identified – Don K Preston

It is time to let the Bible-not the newspapers -speak about the Last Days. In this powerful systematic book, Don K. Preston presents the most encouraging, scriptural discussion of the Last Days to be found anywhere. Preston shows from scripture alone with the end of the age occurred in the first century, just as Jesus promised, with the end of Israel’s Old Covenant World.

After reading this book, you will know that the Bible can be trusted. You will know that the Great Tribulation is past. The Man of Sin is dead! You will know that you do not have to live in fear and anticipation of the time and history!

If you are tired of all the false predictions and failed expectations, this book is for you. If you want solid, logical, but above all Scriptural answers about the Last Days, this book is for you! If you want to face the future, liberated from fear, this book is for you!

Don K. Preston is the author of several popular books on preterist eschatology, including Can God Tell Time (four reprints) and Who Is This Babylon? an acclaimed work on Revelation. HE is a popular speaker, radio host, and debater.