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AD 70 Shadow or Real End?

Amillennialists and Postmillennialists admit that AD 70 was an “end of the age” judgment coming of Christ. However, they claim that AD 70 was simply a foreshadowing, or type of the real end of the age, the end of human history. In this unprecedented book, prolific author Don K. Preston (D. Div.) thoroughly and completely examines and refutes this idea. Preston shows, with careful exegesis, sound hermeneutic, and persuasive logic, that AD 70 was not a foreshadowing of the real end, but was, in fact, the “final” end of the age.

Before Jerusalem Fell

Contrary to many popular writers today, the Book of Revelation was NOT written in the 90’s AD. Learn from Kenneth Gentry in this significant work why the evidence points to a pre-AD70 dating for the book, which means that most of it’s contents are about the fall of Jerusalem and surrounding events, not the distant future.

Can God Tell Time – Don K. Preston

This powerful little book proves that when God used time words in his predictions, he used words that were understandable and able to be interpreted by man’s standards. Preston dismisses the myth that God spoke of time in “his” time language, and the whole idea that we should understand God’s timing in light of “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years.”

Christianity’s Great Dilemma

John Glen Hill as he takes you through the major dilemma facing the modern church; unfulfilled prophecy and failed predictions by modern teachers. For only $12.95, Glenn dispels the myths taught by many in the modern churches today, and explains a number of topics to show why prophecy is in fact fulfilled, and not as modern teachers would have you believe.

End Times Dilemma – Future or Fulfilled

Will the current age come to a cataclysmic end one day, or, has the “end of the age” already occurred? Will Jesus one day descend out of heaven as a 5′ 5″ Jewish man, in a physical body, or, was his coming in AD 70? Will there be a resurrection of human corpses out of the dirt, or, is that traditional view of resurrection misguided? Did Adam die the day he ate the forbidden fruit, just as God threatened, or not? These are but a few of the questions discussed in a historical debate between Dominionist (Postmillennialist) Joel McDurmon (PhD) of American Vision, and full (true) preterist, Don K. Preston (D.Div.) president of Preterist Research Institute. This formal debate was held in July, 2012, in Ardmore, Ok., and continues to garner interest and discussion among Bible students. The similarities between the partial preterist camp and the full (or consistent) preterist camp are many, and countless full preterists say the writings of partial preterists such as Ken Gentry, Gary DeMar, etc. led them to the full preterist view. Partial preterists object to this, claiming it is wrong to make that logical leap. In this formal debate, you will find excellent discussion of the issues, as each man presented his case, and sought to refute the other. Here is your chance to read that evidence for yourself, and find your own answers to the End Times Dilemma!

Essays on Eschatology

Join Sam Dawson as he takes you through a gambit of topics related to eschatology and last things. Only $24.95 for this 500+ page book!

Essays on The Resurrection

Explore the exegetical arguments for the Covenant Body view of the resurrection, which dispels any idea of a future, physical body resurrection which so many Christians today expect and hope for.

God’s Promise of Redemption

Now for only $12.95, join Rob in his journey through the Book of Revelation and Covenant Eschatology as he provides insight into the meaning of “the end of the age.”

In Flaming Fire

Did the first century Christians get the relief from persecution that they were promised? Judgment was promised to come upon those people guilty of persecuting them, and those Christians were promised to get relief. When would this relief and judgment come? $3.95.