A Dominionist “Response” to the Preterist Appeal to Luke 21:22

In the McDurmon -V- Preston debate, July 19-21, 2012, Joel McDurmon (Dominionist / Postmillennialist) clearly anticipated that I would appeal to Luke 21:22 where Jesus, describing the impending destruction of Jerusalem, said “These be the days of vengeance, in which all things that are written must be fulfilled.” McDurmon made the following argument: If Preston argues that all things were…

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Resurrection: Putting Off the Body of Flesh #1

PUTTING OFF THE BODY OF FLESH COLOSSIANS 2-3 Don K. Preston D. Div. Resurrection is normally understood as the putting off of the human body of flesh and taking on the immortal body. Yet the only Bible passage that explicitly speaks of putting off the body, specifically the body of flesh, speaks of being raised from “sin-death” to everlasting life…

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