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Until the Times of the Gentiles is Fulfilled– Future or Fulfilled? Guest Article

  Until the Times of the Gentiles Are Fulfilled – Guest Article Jesus told his disciples that Jerusalem shall be trodden down until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Dispensationalists tell us that the times of the Gentiles began with Babylon’s domination of Jerusalem and Judah. Some tell us that the times of the Gentiles ended in 1967. In…

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Replacement Theology| Israel’s Festal Calendar- Shadow or Reality?

Replacement Theology|Israel’s Feast Days Our previous article explored the doctrine of replacement theology from the perspective of Israel and her entire existence being a shadow of better things to come. There can be no serious question about whether Israel’s existence was typological, a foreshadowing of “better things to come.In fact, I suggest that a study of Israel’s festal calendar proves…

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Matthew 24-25| Two Events or One? Article #13

Matthew 24-25| United or Divided #13 In previous installments I have shared the important issues about the Marriage motif in the Olivet Discourse. I am convinced that overlooking this critical motif is one of the reasons that most commentators believe in a divided Olivet Discourse. However, when we can see the entire discourse within the framework of God’s last days…

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