eschatology, Formal Debates, Fulfilled Prophecy, Passing of the Law of Moses

The End of the Age or the End of Time? A Look At Matthew 24:3 #2

Matthew 13, The End of the Age and the Disciples’ Understanding #2 Just as there is a consensus that the disciples were confused and mistaken in their questions to Jesus, there is almost total agreement that Matthew 13:39f is a prediction of the end of the Christian age. (E. G. Amillenialists (Riddlebarger, Amillennialism, 111). Postmillennialists (Kenneth Gentry, He Shall Have…

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Passing of the Law of Moses, Responding to the Critics

Responding to the Critics| A Response to Howard Denham’s Abuse of Logic and Scripture #5

Responding to the Critics| Howard Denham’s Abuse of Logic and Doctrine – #5 In a previous article we demonstrated that Howard Denham has no concept of the Hebraic world, the Day of Atonement, the already – but – not – yet of scripture and even the fundamentals of logic, although he claims to be a master logician. In this installment,…

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eschatology, Formal Debates, Passing of the Law of Moses

Written Debate| When Did the Millennium Begin?- Preston’s Third Negative

Don K. Preston V- Jonathan Campanik- Debate on the Millennium Don K. Preston’s Third Negative (ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS ONLY) Desperate men make desperate arguments, and that is perfectly illustrated by Jonathan Campanik’s “response” to my second negative. The irony- and desperation- of Jonathan’s view is no where better illustrated than in the smoke-screen claim that I ignored his arguments.…

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