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Islamic Eschatology or Jobs?| Are Jobs the Solution to ISIS?


Do the members of Islamic ISIS just need good jobs to abandon their violence?

Islamic ISIS| Eschatology or Jobs?

A White House spokeswoman suggested just a day or so, that the radical Islamic ISIS movement could be eliminated, the problem solved, if ways could be found to just find them good jobs. These comments are just another on-going example of the abject refusal of the current leadership in Washington to recognize (admit) the problem for what it is; the issue is Islamic Eschatology!

From the president’s refusal to even mention the word “Islam” in conjunction with ISIS, to now, this utterly ridiculous claim that if the Islamic JiHaadists could just find good jobs that they would abandon their violent ways, the current administration is placing the lives of countless people in jeopardy by their denial and refusal to deal with the problem head on. What is so utterly wrong about the claim, and the spokeswoman alluded to earlier has now gone on record that those who object to her comments (which were guided by the White House and now repeated by the president) are basically not smart enough to know what she said! The elitist arrogance is appalling! Her claim- i.e. the claim of the president – is a refusal to take note that many of the ISIS leaders and members come from super wealthy Arab families! They don’t need jobs!

Islamic JiHaad Has Never Been About Jobs!

Those who have studied the history of Islam know that it began as a violent, imperialistic movement, bent on world domination, accomplished by the sword. While there are untold numbers of Muslims that actually despise what is happening with Islamic ISIS – and I have personally spoken with some of them – to refuse to acknowledge the violent history of Islamic JiHaad is to hide one’s head in the sand, and to deny the historical facts.

To exacerbate the problem, the president just recently called attention – at the National Prayer Meeting – that “Lest we get on our high horse (and condemn ISIL, DKP), we need to remember that during the Crusades all sorts of atrocities were committed in the name of Christ.” Once again, this is obfuscatory rhetoric, and conveniently overlooks the history of the Crusades. What the president refused to say was that the Christian Crusades were in direct response to the violent Islamic JiHaad invasions that were taking place! Essentially, the Christian Crusades were “self-defense” against the violent Islamic JiHaadists!  Anyone, who knows anything about history knows that those Islamic invasions had nothing whatsoever (ever!) to do with jobs, and neither does the current movement of Islamic ISIS! Today’s Islamic JiHaad movement is about Islamic Eschatology!

Islamic Eschatology Drives ISIS!

islamic eschatology
Understanding Islamic Eschatology is critical to understanding JiHaadist ISIS!

Two very important articles have been published just in the last couple of weeks calling attention to something that the current political administration absolutely knows – since the president was raised in an Islamic environment – but refuses to discuss. And that is that Islamic ISIS is motivated, not be economics, not by lack of jobs, not by jealousy over the economic statues of the West as opposed to the Middle East world. No, they are motivated by their view of — the doctrine of the time of the end!

Both of the articles, written by a CNN correspondence chronicled the connection between the current Islamic JiHaad movement of ISIS, and the doctrine of Islamic Eschatology.

Here is a link to the two articles  #1– CNN ArticleArticle #2 from The Atlantic publication. You owe it to yourself to read these articles.

Both authors, after chronicling the violent history and the current views of eschatology held by the Islamic ISIS group, take note that the failure of political leaders to either understand the motivating factor, or to acknowledge that the issue is “theology” is endangering the world!

These articles, and there will be more I suspect, should be a wake up call to the Christian world to engage the issue of eschatology head on! The trouble is, modern Evangelical Christianity is ill equipped to answer the challenge! Only Covenant Eschatology is properly equipped. After all, Evangelical Christianity, particularly, Dispensationalism, believe it or not, shares many things with the eschatology of the Islamic ISIS movement!

Islamic Eschatology and Dispensationalism

Lamentably, many people say that the study of eschatology is simply a dry, academic issue. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Bad eschatology is driving American foreign policy, and has for years. Dispensationalism / Zionism has, and continues to impact our world in a totally negative way. Islamic Eschatology says the end is near– sound familiar? Islamic eschatology says that the final conflict, which they call ‘Aqabat Afiq’– sound like Armageddon to you? Islamic JiHaadists believe that the signs of the end are present around us everywhere. Dispensationalists such as Hagee, LaHaye, Van Impe, etc. all assure is that the signs of the end, indeed the “Super Sign of the End” occurred in 1948! Now, to be sure, there are some differences, since the Islamic JiHaadists believe that all the Jews will be killed in the final battle, while Dispensationalists say that Israel is saved. However, the emphasis on the signs of the end, the belief in the final battle, the claim that the end is imminent, are all the same

I want it clearly understood that I am not saying that Dispensationalists in any way whatsoever, espouse the violence of ISIS!

However, what cannot be denied is that modern Dispensationalism is obsessed with getting as many Jews back into the land of Palestine as possible. Why? Well, they don’t like to say it openly, but, the motivation for this is their belief that Israel must be back in the land in order to bring in the end times Temple, the Man of Sin, the Abomination of Desolation, and the Great Tribulation– in which two thirds of all Jews perish! So, the difference between the two theologies is that one sees the deliverance of the Jews at the coming of Christ– after two thirds of them perish. On the other hand, the Islamic JiHaadists believe that all of the perish.

It is more than past time for the Christian community to wake up to the dangers of Dispensationalism. While it is absolutely true that there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful, God-loving people who espouse Dispensationalism,  they very often do so without even understanding the true impact of that doctrine and its implications for what is happening in the world today. It is time that this error– and the Islamic Eschatology as well, is confronted by the truth of Covenant Eschatology. We truly are in a battle, a theological battle. And let me say again that while Dispensationalism is rejected by the other two futurist views, and while “some” of the futurist arguments are clearly valid, in the final analysis no futurist eschatology is truly and fully equipped to answer and to refute– properly- the errors being propounded.

With this in mind, let me remind you that this year’s Preterist Pilgrim Weekend will be July 16-18! Our Theme is: Dispensationalism: Dangerous or Divine? Our speakers will be addressing a host of the fundamental doctrines of Dispensationalism, revealing its history, its foundations, its dangers, and demonstrating that Dispensationalism is not a Biblical doctrine. This is “the” must attend seminar of the year! Interest is already building, perhaps more for this year than ever! So, make your plans to attend. Register now!

In conclusion, it is critical to understand that Islamic Eschatology lies behind the current violence in the Middle East. Until and unless our current political leadership wakes up (admits what they know to be true) the world is in danger of that Islamic Eschatology taking the lives of countless people around the world.

2 thoughts on “Islamic Eschatology or Jobs?| Are Jobs the Solution to ISIS?

  1. Don, I couldn’t agree more. Great article. Made my day. Sadly even many preterists don’t appear to understand this issue. They merely parrot conspiratorialists like Alex Jones, congealing everything into the NWO narrative. They don’t understand the complexities of evil but instead see ISIS as a force concocted and engineered by the a monolithic cabal run covertly by the CIA/Mossad. ISIS isn’t evil they argue. I’ve seen numerous prets perpetrate the myth that the beheadings are merely faked by crisis actors. They claim that Muslims are being unfairly scapegoated so we can pillage their lands for oil. Further, they say that it’s really the U.S./Israel/UK that is the most dangerous of all world forces. They also believe that the Zionists are responsible for all of this mayhem. That they are pulling the strings. It’s the international bankers! Ugh.

    The reality is that Christian Zionists have very similar views as these apocalyptically driven Muslim fanatics. You wrote, “I want it clearly understood that I am not saying that Dispensationalists in any way whatsoever, espouse the violence of ISIS!” I agree but I think you’re being too careful. CZists may not advocate or perpetrate individual Jihad, but men like Hagee continue calling for the nuking of Iran. So instead of the despicable barbarism of beheadings which result in the deaths of hundreds or even thousands, Hagee wants to kill millions.

    At any rate, I applaud you for tackling this issue. Too many prets (IMO) have fallen for a strain of virulent conspiracism and this serves to undermine the credibility of preterist eschatology. Preterism has the cure for both CZ and Muslim eschatology. But we won’t be heard because the conspiracists are clouded the issues.

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