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Replacement Theology| Israel’s Festal Calendar- Shadow or Reality?

Replacement Theology|Israel’s Feast Days Our previous article explored the doctrine of replacement theology from the perspective of Israel and her entire existence being a shadow of better things to come. There can be no serious question about whether Israel’s existence was typological, a foreshadowing of “better things to come.In fact, I suggest that a study of Israel’s festal calendar proves…

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The Binding of Satan: Dominionist’s Self Inflicted Fatal Blow

The Binding of Satan- Dominionism’s Self Inflicted Defeat! Without any question, Revelation 20 posits the binding of Satan at the initiation of the millennium. No one, to my knowledge, denies this obvious truth. What few seem to catch is how devastating the binding of Satan is to the Postmillennial doctrine (i.e. Reconstructionism, Dominionism), and that destruction comes from the pens…

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