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Romans 11:25-27 – All Israel Will Be Saved – #2

All Israel Will Be Saved – Part 2 ROMANS 11:7 AND ROMANS 11:26 Be sure to read the first installment of this study. In this second installment of our (brief) examination of Romans 11:25-27, I want to look at Romans 11:25-27 in light of Romans 11:7.  Romans 11:7 is one of the most ignored verses in discussions concerning Israel’s kingdom…

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Formal Debate- On YouTube and FaceBook! Link for watching!

Formal Debate on YouTube / FaceBook! Pickett -V Preston Exchange on the Salvation of Israel– Romans 11:25-27 The video of the entire formal YouTube debate held May 10, 2017,  between Dr. Himie Pickett, Progressive Dispensationlist, and Dr. Don K. Preston (true preterist). Dr. Pickett presented himself as one of the leading authorities on Progressive Dispensationalism. He has openly stated that…

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All Israel Shall Be Saved| Who Is Israel?

All Israel Shall Be Saved| Who Is Israel? Dispensationalism claims that at some point in the future, in fulfillment of Romans 11:25-27 “all Israel shall be saved.” The entire paradigm hinges on the identity of “Israel.” It is insisted– and I accept that premise– that Paul was talking about “ethnic” Israel. The problem is that since AD 70– when all…

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