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The Four Blood Moons| John Hagee’s Latest


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John Hagee and his latest claims about the Four Blood Moons – Soon to be exposed as False!!

Four Blood Moons| John Hagee and His Latest Claims

John Hagee has assured the world that “something great,” “something incredible” is about to take place. He told us about the Four Blood Moons that supposedly– without question – prove that the end is near. I produced some videos on Hagee’s claims, and the first of those videos can be found here.

The short story is that Hagee predicted that the battle of God and MaGog, the Great Tribulation, the rapture, etc., will, based on his claims about the Four Blood Moons, take place no later than September of 2015! (If that is not date setting, I don’t know what it is, but, Hagee constantly says he does not set dates).

In a recent newsletter, February 2, 2015, John Hagee closes his newsletter with this: “To all of our Partners in America and around the world, I send you this special prayer that this new year will be your finest hour. I personally believe this year with the last two blood moons is going to be historic. September is the target date. Look up, pray up and pack up…we’re going up. For the King is coming.”

There you have it. The last of the four blood moons, which is due no later than September 2015, is “the target date” and, “We’re going up! For the King is coming.”

John Hagee – Date Setter!

Language could hardly be clearer. Hagee’s teaching on the Blood Moons will, post-September 2015, reveal him, definitively, absolutely, and undeniably, as a false teacher.

I am not going to say a lot in this brief post. I just want the reader to mark your calendar. Book mark it. And, be sure to watch my videos on his claims, and book mark those as well. Do a search on YouTube for John Hagee and the Four Blood Moons, and you will know, without doubt, that John Hagee has said that the end time events of Gog and Magog, the Tribulation and rapture MUST occur no later than September 2015. That is, as I write this in February, only seven months away.

Important Editorial Note: I re-listened– (just today, 2-13-15) – to John Hagee’s lesson #1 on the Blood Moons. In that lesson, he noted the last blood moon of 1967. He then said that “I am not saying that the rapture will occur between here, pointing to his chart showing the past occurrences of the blood moons, including 1967, and here. (pointing to the September 2015. So, he supposedly does not predict that the rapture before the last Blood Moon of September 2015. Now, this may seem like an explanation that says he is not setting dates. But, look again at his quote in his latest newsletter! But then, take note what he does. Hagee cites Luke 21 that says “when you see these things come to pass, then know that your redemption is nigh.” (Luke 21:28). But, if you are paying close attention, you will see something radically wrong with his corrective note.

John Hagee, in that lesson #1, says that he was not saying the end would be “between here (1967) and here (September, 2015). He then said, “the rapture could happen before we leave this building today!” Wait just a moment! Wouldn’t we have to be here to see the signs, i.e. the Blood Moons, to know that the rapture is nigh? After all, signs precede the events that they signify! So, in order to know that the rapture is near, people have to still be alive, on earth, to witness the Blood Moons, in order to know that the rapture is near! But, Hagee says the church may not even be on earth to witness the signs, the signs that supposedly signify their imminent redemption!

One additional thought here. I just finished  (2-14-15) listening to John Hagee’s lesson #2 on the blood moons. He emphasized, over and over, that the coming of the Lord and the end is “coming soon!” He spoke at length on Ezekiel 38 and how Russia, in alliance with the Islamic nations, will soon attack Israel, who will be delivered miraculously, and Russia and her Islamic partners (who by the way is NOT Rosh, and is NOT “Gog or Magog” will be utterly destroyed. The key word he used was “soon!”  Anyone listening, objectively, cannot deny that John Hagee is predicting that the end is coming “soon.” When you couple what he says in lesson #2 with his February 2 up-date quoted above, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he is predicting the end is very soon, and September 2015 is the “target date!”

I make this prediction: John Hagee will claim that he never predicted the end by September. He will claim that he never set a date. He will claim that he was “mis-quoted.” He will obfuscate, and bluster. But, the undeniable reality is that John Hagee did set the date for the end – no later than September 2015.

There is something else here. According to John Hagee’s claims, the world should have already seen, clearly and undeniably, the fulfillment of many of the major end time prophecies! But, the fact is that nothing — NOTHING — that Hagee needs to sustain his claims, has occurred! NOTHING!

I make this prediction also. His predictions will fail. Totally, absolutely and undeniably. John Hagee is a false prophet, and needs to be seen as such.

6 thoughts on “The Four Blood Moons| John Hagee’s Latest

  1. I heard John preach on this he did not say it was the end and I heard nothing about the war but he said something would happen but he did not predict that it was the end,

    1. I too have listened to his presentations. Sorry, but, you are wrong. In his discussion of the signs in the sun, moon and stars, he said the darkening would be the sign of the second coming. I urge you to listen again, with an open mind. His predictions have included the battle of Gog and Magog, the Great Tribulation, etc. There can be no doubt of what he predicted.

  2. I have listen to his message and there is NO date setting. He always says NO MAN KNOWS the HOUR. He says things will happen after these feast days and they do. You need to read Proverbs-26:22 about the talebearer. Touch not the anointed of The LORD.If I were you I would be careful in what I say about GODS people. Pray for them and ask The LORD to help them Instead of saying all matter of evil against them. Hope ya have a bless day. otis

    1. Otis, thank you for visiting our site. We truly do appreciate it. To say that Hagee does not set dates is simply misguided. Now, does he say no man knows the day or the hour? Yes, but, that does not keep him from saying that by September of this year, major events must take place, major events concerning Israel! And not one of the things that he spoke of has happened!
      Your reference to Proverbs is likewise misguided. John Hagee is not God’s anointed one! He is not a prophet, and he does not possess the inspiration of the Spirit.
      I have listened to his presentations repeatedly and there is no question whatsoever that he was predicting massive, earth shattering events concerning Israel, and he included Gog and Magog– by this September. That is his prediction. My prediction is that nothing even closely resembling his predictions will happen. When September comes and goes, with no such earth shattering events having taken place, it is my sincere prayer that you will re-consider placing your faith in the false prophet John Hagee.

  3. An end-time “rapture vision” by a Scottish lassie in 1830 has resulted these days in tens of millions of “Left Behind” books (and movies) sold, plus the current “blood moons” craze. Antidotes include “Left Behind or Led Astray?” (You Tube) and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” (Google).

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