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A (Another) Failed Prophecy

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A (Another) Failed Prediction of the End

In 2018 I had a dialogue with a user named “Jdaze.” This individual condemned what I was presenting about the first century fulfillment of all last days prophecy. I wanted to share those comments with my visitors here. I suggest that it is high time that modern “Bible students” stop ignoring what the Bible says about the time of fulfillment, and stop making repeated false predictions. The end was in the first century!

Jdaze in comments on my YouTube Video, The Eschatology of the Parables #12, posted the following comment on 6-3-18

The prophecies are dual FIRST to the Jews THEN the gentiles (pagan apostate church). The early rain vs the latter rain. The barley harvest vs the wheat harvest. Spiritual resurecction then bodily resurrection. Just like Yeshua was raised twice so are we. Literal/Spiritual or spiritual/literal fulfillment. There’s a judgement coming to the apostate church and however that happens, it will indeed end this wicked age and fulfill the Mazzeroth and all prophecies. Also, 40 years does not represent 1000 years in any language. It represents a generation. There’s more to the prophecies after 70 ad. Daniel 12 is a 2625 YEAR prophecy that was fulfilled in 2017 for the pagan church. Daniel 8 was fulfilled in 1981 for the pagan church and the cleansing of the sanctuary. They were fulfilled first for Israel in their age as days. We are in the last 42 months now as Rev. 12 happened in Sept. 23, 2017.

And I notice that you did not give any actual exegesis for your claims, but, you did make a claim that will verify that your predictions are false. You said that, “We are n the last 42 month is now as Rev. 12 happened in Sept. 23, 2017.”
That means that 42 months from last September, the end must come. Thus, of necessity, you are saying that the end will come somewhere around March of 2021.


This individual confirmed that was their prediction. Well, here we are now in May, 2021, and yet another end time “prophecy” has been proven false. I should point out that just the other day, yet another prediction was made. This time, the date is 2025. And of course, it was given with full assurance– it cannot fail! When are “Bible students” going to stop making such false predictions– all of which impugn the Bible– and accept what the Bible says about WHEN all prophecy was to be fulfilled– Luke 21:22– “these be the days of vengeance when all things that are written must be fulfilled.” Those words were spoken of the first century events consummating in the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.

The continual false predictions of modern prophets, from William Miller, Ellen G. White, Joseph Smith, Edgar Whisenant, Hal Lindsay– the list goes on an on! The modern church absolutely MUST confront the challenge of Christ and be able to defend the deity and trustworthiness of Christ. That cannot be done when one modern false “prophet / prophetess, after another keeps making such false predictions.

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