A Preview of PPW-2013– Short Thoughts on the Living Stones of the Temple of God

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Rod MacArthur is one of our speakers at this year’s Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, July 18-20. Rod is an excellent student of the Word, and always brings great insight. Below is a short bit of one of the lessons that he will present. Make your plans to be with us! Register now to let us know you are coming!

Stones in God’s House
Peter told the recipients of his first letter that they were “living stones,” “built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood” (1 Pet. 2:5). This will be the focus of my other talk at this year’s PPW (2013).
Peter’s letter carried a deep sense of urgency as well as of difficulty. They were warned that “the end of all things” was at hand (4:7) and that they were enduring “a fiery ordeal among” them (4:12). It would prove the genuineness of their faith and fit them to share in the glories of Christ (1:11; 4:13–14). This raises a question: Why would one remain firm in his faith when subjected to “fiery ordeals?” There must have been something special and substantive about their expectations.
Citing Psa. 118, Peter showed that the mighty work of God’s salvation of Israel was tied up in the building of a new House upon the tried, but rejected, Stone. Jesus was the Stone and they were the stones which formed the New House of God. They were blessed to see the Salvation of the Lord (Psa. 118:14, 21; Isa. 12:2).
Peter called this Stone a “precious value” for the believers (4:7); but a “stone of stumbling” for those who disbelieved (4:8). In this New House they would become “People of God” who had “received mercy” (4:9–10).
Thus established as His new Priesthood, sharing and showing His excellencies, they might even draw others into “His marvelous Light” (4:9). So might we!
This year’s Theme—The Tabernacle of God is With Man—excites me. You should come and drink deeply! This year admission is free. If you can’t make it, be sure to purchase the CDs or DVDs from Don. You will be blessed.