An Exciting and Important Announcement! A New Book By Don K. Preston

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In describing the impending destruction of the city and temple, Jesus said “These be the days of vengeance when all things written must be fulfilled.” These words continue to generate incredible controversy. What did Jesus mean by saying “all things written” would be fulfilled in the A. D. 70 judgment of Jerusalem?

The reality – recognized by many commentators through the ages – is that if Jesus actually meant that by the time of the fall of Jerusalem in A. D. 70 all prophecy would be fulfilled, the entire history of the church in regard to eschatology has been wrong!

So, objection is made that Jesus did not truly mean that “all things written” would be fulfilled by A. D. 70– only some – and specifically all Old Testament prophecy.

We are told that only the prophecies concerning judgment on Jerusalem and the related “particulars” would be fulfilled at that time.

These objections totally fail to understand that every constituent element of eschatology, The Day of the Lord, the Judgment, the resurrection, the New Creation, the Kingdom, is inseparably connected to the time of the judgment of Old Covenant Israel!

Historically – but tragically – Christian eschatology has been divorced from God’s Old Covenant promises made to Old Covenant Israel. This is the greatest theological error in all of Biblical studies!

This extremely powerful, thoroughly documented study, prolific author, lecturer and debater, Don K. Preston (D. Div.) digs deep into Jesus’ words and the Old Testament. He proves that Jesus truly was saying that just as Daniel 9 foretold, by the time of, and the events of the destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70, all prophecy was fulfilled.

This book changes everything!

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