Announcing| Important New Book by Don K. Preston – The Hymenaean Heresy: Reverse the Charges!

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I am very, very excited to announce a brand new book: The Hymenaean Heresy: Reverse the Charges!

Are advocates of the full preterist view of Bible prophecy the “resurrection” of the ancient Hymenaean heresy as charged by the enemies of Fulfilled Eschatology?

Are preterists guilty of the Hymenaean Heresy, in teaching that the resurrection is now past? Don K. Preston’s new book debunks that charge!

In my own personal journey to Covenant Eschatology, I was confronted with the charge of being guilty of the Hymenaean Heresy. This was a frightening charge! Through the years I have researched and written on this topic a good bit, and now, I am offering an unparalleled new book that shows the fallacy, poor logic, and false hermeneutic of those making the charge!

While opponents of Covenant Eschatology (True preterism) like to throw around the charge of Hymenaean Heresy, the fact is that they have not even examined the context of Paul’s discussion, the Old Covenant background of that text, and, how in the world Hymenaeaus could have convinced anyone of his teaching! Preston’s exegesis of the Old Covenant source of 2 Timothy 2:17– Numbers 16– will blow your mind, as it sets the stage for the proper understanding of the Hymenaean controversy. This is amazing stuff!

Here is an excerpt from the Foreword, written by William Bell:

<<Opponents of Covenant Eschatology commonly appeal to Paul’s condemnation of Hymenaeaus, who said the resurrection was past, 2000 years ago, as the definitive refutation of preterism (2 Timothy 2:17f). In his latest work, The Hymenaean Heresy: Reverse the Charges!, Preston meets that claim head on, and the charge is totally debunked– to put it mildly! In this book Preston decimates the charge of Hymenaean Heresy, forcing it to bow in obeisance as a captive of war to the knowledge of God, having succumbed to both edges of God’s sword of the Old and New Testaments Scriptures.>>

Regular price for the book will be $11.95 + $4.95 postage. However, I am making an introductory offer of r $11.95 postpaid!
You can order your copy of this important unprecedented and unparalleled new book, by sending the funds via PayPal:

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There is not another book like, The Hymenaean Heresy: Reverse the Charges, anywhere! So, order your copy today!