Announcing: Upcoming Formal Debate: Preterist Versus Atheist (former Christian!)

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I am extremely excited to announce an upcoming formal YouTube / Internet debate.
On April12, on Mythvision blog, owned by former preterist / believer Derek Lambert, I will debating Mr. Mark Smith. (Lambert says he has 70K subscribers).
Smith describes himself as a former long time church of Christ minister. His studies, he says in his book, Broken Promises, convinced him that Christ undeniable taught that he was coming back in the first century, to put an end time and to destroy the material creation. He, and his apostles, who repeated his teaching, was undeniably wrong. Time did not end. Jesus did not come out of heaven as a physical man, riding on literal clouds. Thus, Jesus was not and is not the Son of God, and he and his apostles are to be viewed as, at best, deluded, and at worst, liars, but in all cases unworthy of our admiration and devotion.
Needless to say, I reject and deny all of these skeptical claims.
Now, it was my desire to debate the subject of Mr. Smith’s book, since the very foundation of his book is his claim that Jesus lied and failed. But Mr. Smith refused to agree to debate the content of his book, insisting instead that the topic of the debate be “Preterism Fails.”
From a technical point of view this a poorly crafted proposition, but, it is the only one that Mr. Smith was willing to affirm. Since I wanted the debate to take place, I have accepted the proposition.
So, put April 12, 2023 on your calendar, and be looking forward to this debate! It promises to be lively and informative!! Specific air times will be announced as we get closer to the time.