Announcing! UpComing Formal Debate!

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UpComing Formal Radio Debate: Don K. Preston -V-Sam Frost
Coming Up! Two night, formal radio debate between True Preterist Don K. Preston and Former Preterist, Sam Frost.


Upcoming Formal Two Night Radio Debate
Don K. Preston (True preterist) – Versus Sam Frost (Former Preterist)

Venue– Radio program “Iron Sharpens Iron” Hosted by Chris Arnzen

Date: May 28th & 29th– Two hours each night.

Time: 4-6pm EDT.

Sam Frost Will affirm a future physical resurrection of the dead.

Don K. Preston will deny.

Is the Second Coming of Christ still future?
Sam Frost will affirm a future Second Coming of Christ.
Don K. Preston will deny.

Chris Arnzen is currently designing an advertising banner with more details, and that will be posted here as well as on many other FB pages, and my websites.