Another Failed Prediction of the End! No Nuclear War on October 12, 2012!

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On September 2, 2012, I received an email from a gentleman from Australia who had been watching my YouTube videos. He was particularly concerned with the current events in Syria and the prophecy of Isaiah 17 about the destruction of Damascus. You can watch the video on Isaiah 17 here.

In the videos, I noted that despite modern dispensational claims that the prophecy has never been fulfilled, in fact, the prophecy was fulfilled, as Chronicles clearly proves.

The gentleman said that while he does not dispute a historical fulfillment, as attested by scripture, he nonetheless believes that prophecy is fulfilled multiple times. He then made the following rather startling claim:

“I’d like you watch what happens in the next two months. Between today and Oct 10, 2012 a major nuclear war will erupt in the Middle East, and Is. 17 will be graphically re-fulfilled to the letter. Damascus will be destroyed following an attack on northern central israel and it will never be rebuilt. This war has actually been planned for a very long time – which surprised me. I received this information from a person who is connected ‘at the top’ and from another quite independent source. (And the Bible narrative fits both exactly).

Note – this is disturbing I know, but rest assured that there will be a sudden ceasefire soon after the nuclear exchanges take place. (I don’t know whether any other middle eastern countries will be attacked with nuclear devices during the war but much of the middle east WILL be destroyed in the war.)”

Well, needless to say, the “major nuclear war” did not erupt in the Middle East. Isaiah 17– the destruction of Damascus– was not fulfilled,  north central Israel was not attacked and devastated. It is more than apparent that the  “top sources” and “independent source” of our Australian friend were not very accurate.

I posted to my Australian “friend” just this morning, asking him if he has now reconsidered his eschatological position, and urging him to think carefully and prayerfully of the validity of preterism. I truly hope he will.

We have said this many times. The continual false predictions of the end do nothing but bring shame on the name of Christ and give His enemies cause for scoffing. It is more than past time for Christians to awake to the reality that the true preterist paradigm is the only proper answer to this problem.

Jesus undeniably posited the fulfillment of “all things that are written” at his coming in judgment, at the end of the Old Covenant in AD 70. See my response to James White, noted apologist, who claims, however, that preterists misapply and abuse Luke 21:22.

No futurist eschatology can answer the scoffers charges that Jesus did not come in the first century just as he said. Only Covenant Eschatology can properly, effectively, substantively answer the challenge.