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“7 Unmistakeable Clues To Identify Mystery Babylon In Revelation “

7 Clues Identifying Mystery Babylon
Don K Preston, D. Div., Author

Are you sick and tired of being confused about the meaning of the book of Revelation? You’ve heard one theory after another, one so-called, “it’s about to happen now” prophecy after another only to be disappointed with the outcome of abject failure.

I feel your pain, and decided to do some in-depth research to see if it were possible to discover the meaning of Revelation. To my surprise, what I discovered was nothing even close to what others were saying.

Now don’t be alarmed. I know that sounds a bit boastful, but I promise that I can back up what I’m saying. My name is Don K. Preston. I am the founder of the PRI, the Preterist Research Institute. I am an author of 20 books on Bible prophecy. I host an annual seminar that attracts leaders, speakers and attendees from around the world.

I have also engaged in numerous public oral, written and radio debates with some of the top names in Bible and prophecy theologians such as Randall Price, Thomas Ice, James Jordon, Joel McDurmon, Mac Deaver and more. Some of my books are used as college textbooks in their prophecy curriculum programs and many others are sold online from one or more of my websites and on Amazon, Amazon Kindle etc.

People buy and read my books because they respect the careful research, clarity of thought, persuasive logical and well-reasoned arguments and faithfulness to the meaning of the Biblical text in honoring the words of Christ, the Old Testament prophets and the apostles and writers of the New Testament.

This knowledge and experience comes at a high price and tremendous personal and professional sacrifice. But it is well worth the effort in knowing that I’m providing a service that many have come to appreciate.

7 Unmistakable Identifying Mystery Babylon

Mystery Babylon

Clue #1: The City Where The Lord Was Crucified.

This can only be one city in ancient Bible history. It is clearly found in the New Testament Jesus named this city and said it could not be that a prophet perish outside it’s jurisdiction.

This city is figuratively referred to as Sodom and Egypt, noted for idolatry and bondage. Can you identify this city. See all the details in the book.

Clue #2 A Golden Cup Filled With Abominations

The filling up of the cup of iniquity marks the city for destruction. God’s long-suffering ran its course. They despised his goodness and took his kindness for blindness thinking he would not bring them to judgment. The full cup of iniquity indicates they were ripe for the outpouring of God’s “cup of wrath”.

Clue #3 Vengeance For All The Righteous Blood Shed on the Earth

The city identified as Mystery Babylon wore “gloves of blood” from the stains on her hands for murdering the prophets. She is also murdered Christ and the lives of all the righteous blood shed on the earth. Revelation 18:20 identifies Mystery Babylon as a serial killer of the prophets, and apostles.

Clue #4 She Is A Former Queen

The city called Mystery Babylon ascended to royalty. She was decked with robes and the attire of a queen. She was no common city, nor merely only a powerful political one. He garments speak of divine blessing and spiritual status.

Clue #5 A Counter Part City

Mystery Babylon reflects the name (though not the nature) of the city which replaced her. Clues to her are found in Galatians, Hebrews and Revelation. Locate this city and you have identified the name of Mystery Babylon.

Clue #6 A Call To Flee or Evacuate the City

Because of it’s impending and imminent destruction, John calls upon the readers of Revelation to ‘Come out of her lest they receive her plagues’. Any who remained risked falling to her same condemnation and doom.  Can you identify the city in the New Testament which God called his people to flee? This is another major clue to the identity of Mystery Babylon.

Clue #7 Finally, The City Would Be Trodden Down By the Gentiles

God had called his special army to attack, defeat, burn and destroy Mystery Babylon. In fact, the attackers would hate her. All these clues and much more are found in the book, Who Is This Babylon?

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