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“Book of Revelation Commentary Sends Shock Waves Throughout The Evangelical Community “

Book of Revleation Mystery Revealed in Who Is This Babylon
Don K Preston, D. Div., shocked the modern Evangelical prophecy teachers with his critically acclaimed book, “Who Is This Babylon?”

Don K. Preston, D. Div, author of “Who Is This Babylon has shocked the Evangelical world with unique twist on Bible Prophecy.

Preston has waged that All Bible Prophecy Is Fulfilled and he has defended it with some of the most out-spoken and well-known Bible Scholars on prophecy.

Preston raises the question of “Can God Tell Time” an ongoing Best Seller of his works, even more loudly in they Book of Revelation…

…and people are listening.Who is This Babylon

His premise is an overlooked motif of Revelation he styles as the “Vindication of the Martyrs which sets the tone and timing of the Book showing it an utter impossibility to have been written after the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.

A well known Bible scholar and able debater, Preston has met opponent after opponent in debate and has silenced them.

Modern evangelicals refused to engage him in study and often will dissuade others from reading his works, not because they are not thought-provoking, fresh and Biblically challenging, but because they fear of exposure by the masses.

Preston’s book contains over 300 pages of rock solid painstaking interpretation principles citations of texts supporting those claims.

If you’ve ever wanted a commentary that answers the big questions asked by many of students of this book today.


Many expressed how they had read over it so many times they couldn’t remember. What if you were overlooking this important key to the end times timeline? Wouldn’t you at least want to know what it is?

What blessings you could be missing…

Here are just a few discoveries I’ve found in the book…

  • How to identify with precision the things shortly to come to pass
  • The terminal generation to witness Christ’s return
  • Who would experience the fiery trial
  • The focus of the Great Tribulation
  • The coming of locusts
  • The time of no more delay
  • The times, times and a half times,
  • The revealing of Mystery Babylon
  • Who are the 144,000
  • The destiny of Satan,
  • The true identity of the beast and much much more!

This study is guaranteed to turn your world upside down, just like it did mine.

But if you’re afraid of challenge, and steeped in the worn out traditions you’ve heard repeated and regurgitated in every Bible class and sermon, then don’t go any further.

This is not the book for you. Keep reading what everyone else is saying. But if you’re adventurous like Joshua and Caleb and ready to conquer the promised land, here’s your chance!

Today we want to offer this book to you as a blessing to your Christian walk, to your ministry and a step into God’s almost silent, but very positive movement in the world.

Your life will be changed forever if you believe and understand this message. I have written it in a way that your teenagers can understand with minimal effort and without sacrificing scholarship.

By the way, the youth are totally excited about this message from all across the U.S. to Europe and as far away as Australia.

They are excited and thrilled and consider this one of the most powerful and positive messages they’ve ever heard and they’re loving it!

We’re so confident that this book will enlighten you in a positive way that we’re offering you a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Take a moment to read our promise to you.

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Bonus for Ordering Today…

I want to thank you in advance for ordering the book. To show my appreciation I would like to give you a gift. When you order you will receive as a bonus:

  • Invitation to a live webinar interactive discussion on Who Is This Babylon?: Bring all questions. I will answer as many as time permits: Value $97.00
  • A downloadable mp3 copy of the recorded broadcast with PowerPoint slides for your further research and study: Value $37.00
  • Special Video Report on the Dating of Revelation Value: $27.00
  • Note: Bonuses only available for a limited time, so act today.

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  • I will receive instant shipment of the book once my order is confirmed. I will also receive notices regarding delivery of bonuses via email.
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days and the bonuses are mine to keep even if I decide not to keep the book!

I’m sure you’re read a few books on Revelation and have said many times that there’s nothing new to discover. I felt the same way. I can only tell you what others have said…you’ll hate yourself if you miss out on this one.

Press the order button now. You have everything to gain!

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Thank you,

Don K. Preston, D. Div

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