Seal Up Vision and Prophecy Don K Preston
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Seal Vision and Prophecy and the Manifest Desperation of Sam Frost – #4- “It is Not For You To Know The Times and Seasons” Acts 1:6- Part 1

Seal Up Vision and Prophecy – The Manifest Desperation of Sam Frost- #4 It is Not For You to Know The Times and the Seasons – Acts 1:6f – Part 1 According to Sam Frost’s newly found and ever changing theology, when the disciples asked Jesus “Will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?”, and Jesus responded, “It…

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John 5:24-29| Two Resurrections? #7

John 5:24-29– What did Jesus really teach about the resurrection? John 5:24-29 and Ezekiel 37 We are examining John 5:24-29 and the question of whether Jesus taught two resurrections in the text, one spiritual (i.e. the conversion of the individual) and the literal, physical resurrection of human corpses at the “end of human history.” We have noted that it is…

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Have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Ceased to Function? A Response to Joel McDurmon #11

The question about whether the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased to function is a “hot topic” in the current theological world. John MacArthur recently attacked the charismatic movement as “heretical” and devilish.  Needless to say, the response has been “lively.” It is an important discussion. This series of articles is in response to an article by Joel…

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