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Until the Times of the Gentiles is Fulfilled– Future or Fulfilled? Guest Article

  Until the Times of the Gentiles Are Fulfilled – Guest Article Jesus told his disciples that Jerusalem shall be trodden down until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Dispensationalists tell us that the times of the Gentiles began with Babylon’s domination of Jerusalem and Judah. Some tell us that the times of the Gentiles ended in 1967. In…

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Formal Debate- On YouTube and FaceBook! Link for watching!

Formal Debate on YouTube / FaceBook! Pickett -V Preston Exchange on the Salvation of Israel– Romans 11:25-27 The video of the entire formal YouTube debate held May 10, 2017,  between Dr. Himie Pickett, Progressive Dispensationlist, and Dr. Don K. Preston (true preterist). Dr. Pickett presented himself as one of the leading authorities on Progressive Dispensationalism. He has openly stated that…

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Jonathan Cahn| More False Teaching!

Jonathan Cahn| False Teaching Continues! A short time ago a friend sent me an email asking me to comment on a video by Jonathan Cahn, of the Mystery of the Shemitah infamy. As will be recalled, Mr. Cahn predicted the catastrophic collapse of the American economic system, based on his distorted and misguided application of the Law of Moses to…

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