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Isaiah 66 and the Dispensational Postponement Doctrine – #5

Isaiah 66 and the Dispensational Doctrine of Postponement – #5 As we have seen, the postponement doctrine is foundational to Dispensationalism. Thomas Ice is on record as saying that without a postponed kingdom, there is no Dispensationalism: “Without a futurized (i.e. postponed, DKP), seventieth week, the dispensational system falls apart. There can be no pre-tribulational rapture, great tribulation, or rebuilt…

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The Seventh Day Sabbath: The Elephant in the Room of Dominionism, and Futurism- #1

The Seventh Day Sabbath– The Elephant in the Room of Theonomy / Reconstructionism – And Futurism Preliminary note: I am currently working on a major book on the issue of the seventh day Sabbath. The working title is Celebrating the Eighth Day: Shemini Atzerat!  Lord willing, that book will be published sometime next year, so be looking for it! The…

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