Christians Need to Stop Praying…?!

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stop praying
Christians need to stop praying…. and start acting!

Okay, before I proceed, I am not actually suggesting that Christians stop praying, okay? But, I want to address a situation that exists today that is, in my opinion, very sad and very dangerous.

In the days following the Supreme Court’s horrendous, unconstitutional, and ungodly decision to redefine marriage (a decision unprecedented in the history of the world! Do you realize how sad this is?? The very idea that these men could be so bold as to do this is staggering!) I have read blog after blog of Christians saying “Well, all we can do is to turn this over to God, and let him settle it. We just have to pray and leave it in His hands.” Or, I have read claim after claim that, “This decision proves we are in the last days, and Jesus is coming back very soon now, to set things right!”  See my book, The Last Days Identified, for proof that we are not in the last days.

The Last Days Identified And Explained
This book proves that we are not in the last days!

Well, let me make a couple of observations.

1. Jesus is not coming back to judge American, or the Supreme Court, for this heinous decision. Jesus came back in the first century as he promised. So, Christians need to stop praying for Jesus to come and straighten out this mess!

2. I suggest that the recent Supreme Court decision is the fruit of a long period of time in which Christians have stopped acting and done nothing but pray! Here is what I mean: For many believers, the Christian is not of this world. The world is “supposed” to get worse and worse! After all, that is what the Bible (supposedly) says, right? So, you don’t polish brass on a sinking ship. Why get involved in the nation if we are leaving town on the next cloud??

3. When many Christians have gone to the voting booth, they have voted with their pocket books and not their head, not according to their convictions on moral issues. I personally know many people – wonderful people in many ways– who have told me to my face that they deplore a given candidate for president, or governor, but, that candidate is a member of their party, so they will vote straight line this or that party! Seriously? Do we actually think we can elect men or women that are ungodly and then just set back and pray that they will be politicians of character? That is nonsense!

4. Far too many believers have bought into the idea that Christians should not impose our convictions on others. Unbelievers and secularists have been telling us this for years. And yet, what are they doing? The atheists, the secular humanists, the skeptics in high places, men and women who truly hate the Bible and Christ, set about to impose their beliefs on us, virtually every day and in every way!

We need to live our convictions. We need to share our beliefs. We should not be the “silent majority.” We need to share with our friends, our neighbors, our world, that Christ will exalt any nation that honors his word. On the other hand, “Sin is a reproach to any nation,” and if we as Christians will “stop praying” and start resisting that sin, there is hope. So, I suggest that it is far, far past time that Christians stop praying, and start doing!

13 Replies to “Christians Need to Stop Praying…?!”

  1. You are absolutely right Don We, the church meet to stand up and be the Sons of God we were created to be

  2. I agree 100%, that is why I have been more politically active and look at a each candidate very closely be before voting for him.

  3. This article is a good example of the differences between preterism and dispensationalism as it comes to how we should then live in this world. Preterism calls for social change and dispensationalism says “Ain’t it awful…its a sign of the times.” Abandonment.

  4. You hit the nail on the head, Don! I was a part of that dispensational paradigm until a couple of years ago, and understanding what I do now – their belief system, and therefore their responses to world events – absolutely sickens me. The worse things get, the better they like it…

    1. Cindy, thank you for contributing your experience and thoughts! I correspond with people almost daily who share the same experiences with me! We MUST change this culture of withdrawal and defeatism!

  5. So please tell me: What should we be doing? I agree with your premise but what specifically should we be doing?

    1. Pat, thanks for reading! The most direct and powerful thing we can do is to vote with our conscience and mind, and not our pocketbook! We need to send emails or phone calls to our representatives, congressmen and senators letting them know where we stand and how we expect them to vote on important issues, particularly the moral issues. This has been a very real struggle for me personally since I was raised in a tradition that taught non-involvement, so I still have to force myself to be involved, but, it is important!

  6. straight to the point,but i have one question about the last days.didnt the last days start after CHRIST died?

    1. Isaac, thank you for visiting out site. I once believed that the last days began on Pentecost. However, on closer study, it became abundantly clear to me that the last days began with John the Baptizer as Elijah. I have written a book entitled The Last Days Identified, available on this site. In that book, I examine every major Biblical text that speaks of the last days in any detail. I believe you would find it enlightening and helpful.

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