Debate with “Ask Dr. Brown” Coming Up!

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Dr. Michael Brown is an apologist who hosts a popular program entitled Ask Dr Brown. In June of 2014 Dr. Brown and I engaged in a formal YouTube debate. You can watch that first debate here. That first debate has been watched over 20,000 times! The focus of that first debate was Romans 11:25-27 and Paul’s statement that “All Israel shall be saved.” That is a vast topic and we clearly did not have enough time to cover what needed to be covered, even though a wealth of information was brought out. As noted, response to the first debate has been fantastic.

I am very glad to announce that we now have confirmation for a second YouTube formal debate between Dr. Michael Brown and myself. This debate will also be carried live on YouTube. Moderator will be William Bell, of Memphis, Tennessee, of All Things Fulfilled Ministry, since Dr. James White is unavailable to moderate this debate.

The topics to be discussed in this debate will be “the fullness of the Gentiles” in Romans 11:25, and “the times of the Gentiles” in Luke 21:24. Dr. Brown believes that that these things are directly related if not the same, and have not yet been fulfilled. Dr. Preston will affirm that these are two totally separate ideas and both were fulfilled by the time of– or in the events of– the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70.

On his program: Ask Dr. Brown, he has affirmed that Romans 11:25f is a troublesome text for preterists. I am convinced, however, that when properly considered, Romans 11:25-27 fully establishes the full preterist view; it does not challenge it!

Interest in this second debate is already very high! The date is July 8, 2015, at 4:30 PM, Eastern time (3:30 Central). We will post a link to the site just as soon as it is established and available.

This promises to be another very high level debate. The first debate was notable for the excellent Christian decorum and mutual respect that each man exhibited toward the other. Be sure to share the news of this second debate with everyone! Let’s make it one of the most watched events on YouTube!!

ask dr brown
Ask Dr. Brown is a popular YouTube ministry. Dr. Brown and Dr. Preston will be debating Romans 11 July 8, 2015!