Exciting Announcement!| Major Internet Debate Today – 6-3-14

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Dr. Michael Brown (Classic Premillennialist) Versus Dr. Don K. Preston (Preterist) debate

Announcing a Major Formal Debate on the Internet

I am very happy to announce a formal debate with prominent Christian apologist Dr. Michael Brown. The topic under discussion is Romans 11:25-27, where Paul said “And so, all Israel shall be saved.”  You can watch the debate live, on YouTube, here.


Did Paul have in mind a yet future, mass conversion of national Israel at the “end of human history”?


Was Romans 11 fulfilled in the first century?


The topic of Israel remains as one of the pivotal theological and political issues of the day. The implications for the right understanding of Israel are profound!


Dr. Brown is a “Classic Premillennialist.” He is not a Zionist, in the mold of Jack Van Impee, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, et. al. He actually opposes a lot of the sensationalistic views of these men, admitting that their repeatedly false prophecies does much harm. Nonetheless, he does hold to a future fulfillment of Bible prophecy concerning Israel.


This promises to be a very informative, very spirited, yet very cordial formal debate. Dr. Brown has debated this topic with numerous evangelicals, and scholars including Steven Sizer, noted author and Palestinian advocate.


Be sure to tune in, today, June 3, 2014, on YouTube, and watch the formal debate live! This is a debate you do not want to miss!~