Exciting Announcement| Preterist Pilgrim Weekend Coming Up!

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exciting announcement!
Great News– Preterist Pilgrim Weekend is Coming Up!

Exciting Announcement!

The Annual Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, will be July 14-16, 2016. This is always one of the best seminars, get togethers! You do not want to miss this!

Venue is, as usual, the wonderful facility of the Ardmore Convention Center, Ardmore, Ok.

This year’s Theme: The Error of Amillennialism.

Each speaker on the dias this year was raised in, believed, defended and taught the Amillennial view of eschatology. However, through their own studies, they came to realize that this is not the Biblical view of things, and they are all now true preterists.

We will have five speakers sharing with us their journey away from Amillennialism and into the truth of Covenant Eschatology! They will share what it was that they discovered that convinced them that their church tradition was not Biblical.
William Bell
Larry Siegle
Rod MacArthur
Dallas Burdette
And some guy named Don K. Preston.

For all of those who have asked: I have tried repeatedly, on a variety of venues, to find a qualified, honorable, respectful Amillennialist to come to Ardmore and engage in a two day debate with me. As of today’s posting, although I have also sent private invitations to several men, none have been willing to engage.

You don’t want to miss this!!

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