Guest Article- Dr. Dallas Burdette on Colossians 2:14f

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Colossians 2:14-16 is a “final court of appeal” for those who insist that God was through with Israel – and the Law of Moses – at the cross. It is insisted that Paul clearly said that Christ “nailed the handwriting of ordinances” to the cross and that this has to refer to the Law itself. But, will that claim stand up? Over the years I discovered that this claim is actually an abuse of the text. Just recently I reached out to my friend Dr. Dallas Burdette, who has taught both Greek and Hebrew at the University level, to write an article on this important text. He agreed and I am more than happy to share the result of his research with my visitors. This is an important article, so be sure to read carefully and studiously!

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Study of the End of the Law
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Don K. Preston

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