Introducing an Important New Book by Don K. Preston!

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What was the “Death of Adam” introduced through sin?

Introducing an Important New Book By Don K. Preston!

The Death of Adam / The Life of Christ!

I am extremely thrilled to introduce my latest book, one that is of great importance!

The resurrection, according to Paul, would be to overcome the death (“the death” in scripture) that was introduced by Adam.

God told Adam and Eve, “of every fruit, of every tree that is in the midst of the Garden, you may freely eat. But of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, you may not eat thereof, for in the day you eat thereof, you will surely die.”

Did Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit? Of course they did!

But, did they die physically that day? Anyone can see from the record that they did not die physically that day.

So, did Satan tell the truth after all?

Commentators struggle to explain this conundrum, by claiming that what God really meant was, “you will be sentenced to die the day you eat” or, “you will become mortal the day you eat”m or something similar. Unfortunately for that view, that is not what the language means.

Then, we are told that God killed some animals as a substitute, instead of killing Adam and Eve. The animals died in the place of, instead of, Adam and Eve dying. We are assured that the substitutionary animal sacrifices pointed to the coming substitutionary death of Christ on the Cross. (Isn’t it strange that more animal substitutionary sacrifices did not keep Adam from dying 900 years later?? Even stranger- in this paradigm – is that Christ’s substitutionary physical death has not prevented a single Christian from dying physically! NOT ONE!)

All of these explanations take for granted that God was threatening them with physical death.

Amazingly, however, those same commentators who acknowledge that God told them they would die the very day they ate the forbidden fruit– but who say they did not die that day– then turn around and say that Adam and Eve did die spiritually that very day! They were alienated from God, separated from His Presence, by being kicked out of the Garden!

So, God kept part of His Word, but not all of it!? Is this what the Bible teaches? Simply put, no, that is NOT what the Bible teaches!

In this groundbreaking new book, prolific author Don K Preston, meticulously analyzes the language of Genesis and the rest of the Biblical narrative. A key element of this book is an in-depth discussion of the substitutionary death of Christ, one of the pillars of Christianity. Preston shows that while Christianity claims to believe in the substitutionary death of Christ, in reality, they reject it! After all, if Jesus’ physical death was “in our place” as a substitution for our death, then why do Christians– ostensibly in the power of his death– still die?? Scholars have and still do struggle with this issue, and to this date have offered no satisfactory answer. This book provides a solid, documented, scholarly answer to this conundrum.

Included in this work is a fantastic article by Dr. Dallas Burdette, who has taught Hebrew on the university level. His analysis confirms that whatever death God threatened Adam with, it had to occur that day, not hundreds of years later. He shows that the death of Adam was not biological demise! This article alone is more than worth the price of the book!

Also in this book is an in-depth examination of the question of whether Jesus experienced alienation and separation from his Father when he was on the cross and cried out, “My God, My God! Why have you forsaken me?” While many detractors condemn the idea that Jesus could be separated from the Father, Preston does a powerful exegesis of Psalms 22 proving that although Christ was indeed alienated from the Father, he understood that the alienation was for only a moment. But, that separation was necessary since, “he bore our sins in his body on the cross.” He was sinless, but, since he bore the sins of the world, the Father had to turn away from that sin, even if for a moment. Thus, Jesus paid the price for our sin! But that was not physical death!

This book also contains interaction with some of the most outspoken critics of the preterist view of eschatology, demonstrating the utter inconsistency, the self contradiction, the vacillating nature of their objections. Preston shows that when it is argued that there is no resurrection life today, (as some claim- believe it or not) that this totally eliminates the reality of sin, alienation from God, and forgiveness, or eternal life! This is powerful stuff!

This book also interacts also with some of the world’s finest scholarship to establish Preston’s case. He shows that scholarship has and does recognize that there are severe problems with the historical theology of Jesus’ substitutionary death, and even the nature of the death of Adam. With logical acumen, exegetical precision and sound hermeneutic, Preston builds his case that Christ has already overcome The Death of Adam, and that for those in Christ, there is no death!

In sum, Preston’s excellent analysis and investigation demands a re-evaluation of the nature of the resurrection. If physical death was not the “Death of Adam” then the resurrection life offered in Christ is no physical resurrection! As Paul shows in 1 Corinthians 15, “when you deal with sin, you have dealt with death” and Christ has dealt with sin!

The bottom line of this convincing work is that due to Christ’s substitutionary death man today, by faith in that finished work, does not have to be separated from God! Resurrection life, deliverance from sin- and thus, separation and alienation- is found “in him.” This is the Gospel (Good News!) of Christ! This is reason for assurance! This is eternal life!

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