Is the ISIS Destruction of Nimrod the Fulfillment of Prophecy?

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destruction of nimrod by isis
Some are claiming that the destruction of Nimrod by ISIS is the fulfillment of prophecy. But, is this true?

Is the Destruction of Nimrod by ISIS the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?

Well, as one might expect, the prophecy pundits are at it again! The Internet is alive with so-called prophecy experts  claiming that the destruction of the ancient city of Nimrod (modern name Nimrud) at the hands of the radical Islamic group ISIS  is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, and specifically Micah 5.

I will make only a few quick “bullet points” to demonstrate that claims being made about ISIS and Nimrod are totally false.

1. The historical context of Micah 5 is the Assyrian invasion of Israel under Sennecherib, and is recorded in Isaiah 30-37.

2. Just as Micah 5: 5-6 (and Isaiah) foretold Assyria was crushed when she entered the land of Israel. Sennecherib lost 185,000 soldiers in one night (Isaiah 37)!

3. The prophecy pundits are totally ignoring– and distorting what Micah actually says, in their claims that the destruction of Nimrod is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Micah speaks specifically and explicitly that the destruction of the Assyrian and Nimrod would be when they were invading Israel, destroying her cities and invading her palaces! Here is a problem: “Modern” Nimrod has no army, has not inhabitants, and most assuredly had not invaded Israel when ISIS destroyed the ruins of the city!

4. The destruction of Nimrod described in Micah 5 would be the deliverance of Jerusalem from that invasion. Are we supposed to believe that ISIS was delivering Israel, by plowing up, and bulldozing the empty ruins of Nimrod? How would that save Israel / Jerusalem?

5. The time of the destruction of “Assyria” and Nimrod, would be the time of the glorification of Zion (through her deliverance) and the salvation of the remnant (v. 6f). So, where do we see such a deliverance of Israel / Jerusalem through the destruction of the empty remains of Nimrud?

Nothing could better illustrate the horribly sloppy, tragically misguided, fear mongering and un-scholarly approach to the scriptures that is being practiced by the modern prophecy “experts.” They are no experts. They are false teachers creating fear in the hearts of people, and, when their endlessly failed applications of prophecy go on and on, and on, and on, they cause disillusionment and sometimes even unbelief.

For a discussion of ISIS, the destruction of Nimrod and the claims of the would be prophecy experts, go to and listen to the the program of 4-14-15, where William Bell and I discuss the question of whether the destruction of Nimrud– a deserted, empty, ruined city– is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Please get a copy of my book, The Last Days Identified, for proof positive that we are not in the last days. The end is not near. And all of the modern claims about ISIS being the fulfillment of Bible prophecy are false to the core.

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