Job 19:25-26| Resurrection of the Flesh? #4

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Does Job 19:25-26 predict the resurrection of physical bodies at the end of time? You will be amazed at what the Bible actually says!

Job 19:25-26| Does Job Predict the Resurrection of the Flesh? #4

We have demonstrated from a wide variety of sources, and from the book of Job itself, how tenuous and questionable it is to say that Job foretold an end time resurrection of physical human bodies out of the dirt. There is simply no evidence to support such a claim.  Be sure to go back and read the first three articles for confirmation of this:  #1” href=”” target=”_blank”>#1  #2” href=”” target=”_blank”> #2   #3” href=”” target=”_blank”>#3

In spite of this powerful evidence, some still insist on claiming that Job 19:25-26 did predict the resurrection at the time of the end because some translations say that “at the last,” “in the end” the Redeemer would stand on the earth, and Job would be “raised.”

Job 19:25-26 and the Raising of Job

Note, there is strong contextual reason to believe that Job was anticipating his imminent vindication by the Lord, which he did receive. The terminology of being raised has to do with a motif common in Hebraic thought, known as the shame-v-glory motif. What this means is that a person found themselves in a condition of shame, humiliation, defeat, oppression, etc..– just like Job. When that person’s condition was reversed they were said to be raised up from the dust / dirt and vindicated. Furthermore, it was YHVH that had come to their assistance. See Psalms 18 for a great example of this “shame -V- Glory” motif. This is precisely the motif at work in the entire work of Job.

But, with this said, let me grant, for argument sake only, that Job did predict the “last days” resurrection at the coming of the Lord. Does that mean that he anticipated the raising of physical bodies? No. What is more, we can identify the time of the resurrection and its fulfillment.

Job 19:25-26 and 1 Corinthians 15– Some Significant Developments!

If Job was predicting the end time resurrection, then he was predicting the resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15. Virtually everyone would agree with that .

So, if Job and Corinthians spoke of the same resurrection take note of the following:

The resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15 is the resurrection foretold by Job 19.

The Resurrection Of Job Would Be In The Last Days (Job 19:25). The resurrection of 1 Corinthians 15 would be at “the end.”

The Last Days Were The Last Days Of Israel – Ending In AD 70.
Significantly, Joel McDurmon, in his (excellent) book, Jesus -V- Jerusalem, says the “last days” were Israel’s last days, ending in AD 70 (p. 47). This is a very common view among Postmillennialists, although some, such as Gentry, reject this view.

Therefore, The Resurrection Of Job / 1 Corinthians 15 Was No Later Than AD 70.

There is not another “last days” resurrection!

In my debate with Joel McDurmon, astoundingly, he admitted that there was “a fulfillment” of 1 Corinthians 15 in AD 70!I highly recommend that you order a copy of that debate book today!

Ed Times Dilemma Fulfilled or Future
McDurmon Preston Debate

Of course, McDurmon, like most Dominionists, claim that AD 70 was a shadow or type of the real resurrection.

Gentry claims: “Theologically, a redemptive-historical link does in fact connect AD 70 with the second advent. This could easily confuse the disciples. That is, the AD 70 episode is an anticipatory foreshadowing of the larger event, the second advent.” (Kenneth Gentry, Revelation Made Easy, (Powder Springs, Ga., American Vision, 2009)47.

Dominionists are not alone in this claim. Kim Riddlebarger, prominent Amillennialist, speaking of the events of AD 70, said: “Christ has fulfilled the Old Testament promises regarding the coming of the messianic age. The prospect of a future kingdom indicates that Christ’s fulfillment of these Old Testament promises is typological of a more glorious and final kingdom yet to come” (Kim Riddlebarger, Amillennialism, (Grand Rapids, Baker, 2003)262, n. 34.

The idea that the events of AD 70 were typological and has no Biblical support. It is a theological fabrication to support a futurist eschatology that has no merit.

See my book, AD 70: A Shadow of the “Real” End? In that book, I present a wealth of Biblical documentation that shows, definitively, that the “real” end of the age was in the first century.

AD70 A Shadow of the Real End
This book proves beyond doubt that AD 70 did not foreshadow another greater time of the end! Fantastic material!

What that means is that if Job foretold the “last days” resurrection, then one has no right to posit fulfillment of Job into our future. The last days were in the first century, and were connected to Israel– not to the end of time, or the end of planet earth.

In the next installment of this series, we will take a look at just a fraction of the evidence that proves the consummative resurrection was a first century event. This will prove that even if one claims that Job 19:25-26 did predict an “end time resurrection” that it was fulfilled! Stay tuned!