Job 19:25-26| Resurrection of the Flesh? #6

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When we look closely at Job 19:25-26 we soon discover some major problems with the traditional claims about Job and the “resurrection.”

Job 19:25-26| Resurrection of the Flesh? #6

As we have proven in the previous articles, there is virtually no support for the claim that Job 19:25-26 predicted an end time resurrection, much less a fleshly, bodily resurrection. He most assuredly did not contemplate the end of human history.

However, in#5” href=”” target=”_blank”> the previous article, I noted that even if one were to grant, for argument sake only, that Job foretold a “last days” resurrection, this would not mean that his prediction has not been fulfilled!

Take a look at just one argument, of a vast array of thoughts that could be offered. I want to focus on what the apostle Peter said in 1 Peter. The apostle’s words totally falsify any attempt to posit a proposed Jobian resurrection beyond the first century.

Job 19:25-26 and 1 Peter| A Revealing Study

Peter was writing about the imminent revelation of the eternal inheritance (1 Peter 1:3-5). If one posits the “resurrection” of Job 19:25-26, it would be the revelation of the eternal inheritance, would it not?

That eternal inheritance was promised by the OT prophets (1:10f). Job was an OT prophet, correct?

The OT prophets knew that fulfillment was not for their days, but, Peter affirms it was for his day, and was being revealed through the Spirit (1:10-12). Job 19:25-26 supposedly spoke of the last days, which, we are assured, were far off from him.

Job’s “resurrection prophecy” was for the last time. Peter said he was in the last time when Christ was about to be revealed (1:5-6; 20).

Peter said Christ was “ready” (from hetoimos) to judge “the living and the dead” (1 Peter 4:5). The word hetoimos indicated both moral preparedness and temporal imminence.

Peter said “the end of all things has drawn near” (4:7). The“resurrection” that Job 19:25-26 ostensibly foretold would be a the end of all things, correct?

Peter said that the appointed time for “the judgment” had arrived (4:17). The resurrection and the judgment are synchronous, right?

It should be more than obvious just from these few observations from 1 Peter, that the apostle was without a doubt anticipating the eschatological resurrection, judgment and parousia. The time of the eternal reward. That is nothing but the resurrection. And, what cannot be missed is the overwhelming imminence in Peter’s epistle. What we have noted is, however, not the full point I want to develop. Our next installment will look even closer at 1 Peter and show that without any doubt whatsoever, that if one wants to maintain that Job 19:25-26 did predict the end time resurrection, that Peter, through inspiration, said it was about to occur in his generation. Stay tuned!


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