Join Don K. Preston for His Very First Live Webinar!

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I am sometimes (well, most of the time) somewhat slow to catch up with modern technology. Thanks to William Bell, however, I am making some progress.

I want to announce my very first upcoming live Webinar!

On August 19, at 7 PM Central, I will be hosting this event, live!

My subject will be the conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch as proof that the Messianic Temple has been established, and that this means that all men, any man, all people and every people, are welcomed into the Presence of God. And, it means that sons of God are now produced without marrying or giving in marriage!

This is wonderful, exciting stuff!

Follow the link to sign up, and be sure to join me on August 19, 7 PM central time, for my very first live Webinar! I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and look for more live Webinars in the future!

See you on the 19th of August!

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  1. Hi Don, Waiting at the desk for you new web event. I pray you have everything in order and ready to go. May our Lord bless your desire to teach and to help those who need and are searching for truths.

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