Jonathan Cahn| More False Teaching!

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jonathan cahn - Refuted!
Jonathan Cahn continues to distort the Bible about Israel and the Land.

Jonathan Cahn| False Teaching Continues!

A short time ago a friend sent me an email asking me to comment on a video by Jonathan Cahn, of the Mystery of the Shemitah infamy. As will be recalled, Mr. Cahn predicted the catastrophic collapse of the American economic system, based on his distorted and misguided application of the Law of Moses to America. I exposed his teaching as false doctrine in a series of YouTube videos, and I urge our visitors to take a look at those videos.

My friend asked that I comment on Jonathan Cahn’s latest claims concerning Benjamin Netanyahu. Mr. Cahn speaks of an African preacher who supposedly receive a “word of knowledge” from the Lord about Netanyahu and the “Tabernacle of David.” I am giving here my friend’s email and then my response.

“Could you please watch this video and make note of all that he is telling you about this African preacher. Let me know when you have watch this video.
Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic Word to Netanyahu, David’s Tabernacle and the Temple Mount

My response concerning Jonathan Cahn and the African Minister

There are many, many issues that I see withe video and the claims made there.

So, the African minister supposedly told Netanyahu that God said the land still belongs to Israel. But, this flies in the face of the Scriptures that teaches us that the physical land no longer has any significance! If the land promises are still valid then all of the Law of Moses is still valid, because Israel’s possession of the Land was always conditioned on her obedience to the Law of Moses!  (Deuteronomy 30:1-10).

That means that it most assuredly was not a Word from the Lord that the minister was giving.
Then, Jonathan Cahn said that the minister (if I understood Cahn correctly) spoke of the Tabernacle of David, and claimed that it means several different things:
1. The Throne of David.
2. The literal tent that David used to house the Ark.
3. The restoration of Israel in 1948.
4. It is the church.
5. It is the Jerusalem Temple that Netanyahu will supposedly help restore.
I have to tell you,  that this is not exegesis! This is wild speculation.
Then, notice that Cahn simply slightly mentions Acts 15. The problem with his brief allusion is that it totally ignores the context.
The Gentiles had been converted– Acts 10.
The Judaism question had arisen– do Gentiles have to keep the Law of Moses to be saved?
The answer is that the conversion of the Gentiles was the fulfillment of Amos 9:11 that said the Tabernacle of David would be restored “so that all men might seek the Lord!”
If the Tabernacle of David had been restored, the argument was, then Gentiles (all men) could be acceptable to the Lord.
The Gentiles had been invited into Israel’s promises– i.e. the restored “tabernacle of David.”
It is clear that there had not been any kind of restoration of a literal temple– Herod’s temple was still standing.
It is clear that the national, literal throne of David had not been restored.
It is clear that Israel had not been “nationally” restored.
Cahn, and the African minister completely overlooked, ignored, or distorted what Acts 15 teaches in very clear language. Thus, neither one of them spoke a Word from the Lord.
Those are my thoughts, and I hope they help.
Don K. Preston

For those interested in studying this issue further, get a copy of my book: Israel 1948: Countdown to No Where. It has an in-depth study of the Land Promises made to Israel and totally refutes Jonathan Cahn and his claims about Israel, the Land, the Temple and Netanyahu.

Israel 1948: Countdown to No Where - Refuting Jonathan Cahn!
This book totally refutes Jonathan Cahn and his claims about Israel and the Land!