Life After Death

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How to End The Mystique About Life After Death Forever, and Receive and Enjoy The Blessing of God’s Peace in the Process

Hello, I’m Don K. Preston, D. Div

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Do you have questions about life after death? Are you concerned about what happens beyond the grave?

If a man dies can he live again?

If you’ve ever had questions about life after death or of what the Bible says about it compared to contemporary wisdom or even what you read in books, journals or heard on the news, you’re sure to find out more in this video series.

What if…you could get all your questions answered and delivered right to your email inbox without having to read. Just join me and grab a cup of coffee and watch as I walk you through this exciting journey.

Experience the love of God as you develop wisdom and understanding. I guarantee you’ll find this study series exciting and liberating.

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