Michael Brown -V- Don K. Preston Debate Now Available!

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Michael Brown -V- Don K. Preston formal debate
The Michael Brown Versus Don K. Preston Debate #2)

Michael Brown -V- Don K. Preston Formal Debate On YouTube Available for Viewing

The formal debate on YouTube: Michael Brown-V-Don K. Preston debate  (#2) is now available for you to watch: This was a fantastic debate with Dr. Brown. The high level of the discussions was evident to all. The arguments given and the supportive evidence will provide “food for thought” for many years to come, as Bible students watch the debate over and over again.

The courtesy of the exchange was exemplary on the part of both men. In fact, on FaceBook, the courteous conduct of each man toward the other, even though both men pressed their points, was mentioned time and time again as being the way formal Christian controversy should be conducted and that God is glorified when two men can conduct themselves with such decorum in the midst of such intense debate.

The Issues of the Brown-V-Preston Formal Debate

The debate focused on some very important topics: The Blindness of Israel, The Fulness of the Gentiles, the Times of the Gentiles, and other issues. Dr. Brown affirms that the conversion and salvation of “all Israel” in Romans 11:25f remains to be fulfilled. Dr. Preston maintains that this occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem– the end of Israel’s covenant age- in AD 70, i.e. that salvation and judgment are inextricably tied together temporally.

Personally, I am very hopeful that Dr. Brown will agree to additional discussions with me. Our first debate has now been viewed well over 23,000! And, I suspect that this one will match or exceed the first one, especially once Dr. Brown posts it on his own YouTube and FaceBook channel.