Open Debate Challenge – Again!

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An Open Challenge for Formal Debate on Amillennialism

Open Debate Challenge for an Amillennialist

I am reposting my open challenge for a qualified, honorable and respectful representative of the Amillennial view of eschatology to meet me in formal debate. I have posted this challenge in several venues, including FaceBook pages dedicated to the Amillennial view, but, I have received no responses. In light of the fact that most Amillennialists consider the true preterist view to be false teaching, and supposedly “easy” to refute, you would think that someone would step forward and take advantage of the opportunity.

The Theme of Preterist Pilgrim Weekend, July 2016 will be an examination and refutation of the Amillennial view of eschatology. PPW 2015 was on “Dispensationalism: Dangerous or Divine?” (MP3s available) and it was great! In 2017, we hope to do our PPW on the errors of Postmillennialism.

This post serves as an invitation/ challenge for a representative of the Amillennial view to meet me in a two day formal public debate during our Preterist Pilgrim Weekend. Here are the criteria:
1. The representative can be of the Reformed Amillennial or the non-Reformed Amillennial camp. The main requirement is that they be Amillennial in their eschatology.

2. A potential opponent must be Representative, Reputable and Respectful.

By Representative, I mean that they must be seen, within the circle of their fellowship to represent the generally held Amillennial views.

By Reputable, I mean that they must be recognized and respected as a well read, well spoken, person that can formally present and defend the Amillennial paradigm.

By Respectful, I mean that the potential candidate must have a reputation for being a Christian gentleman, who presents their message with decorum, without rancor, bitterness or name calling.

Debate Challenge| Suggested Propositions

I propose that the subject of the discussion will be:
Resolved: The Bible teaches that the resurrection of the dead, as foretold in 1 Corinthians 15 (and parallel, corollary texts), the resurrection to overcome the death introduced by Adam, occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70

I will be happy to affirm this proposition.

A potential opponent will affirm:
Resolved: The Bible teaches that the resurrection of the dead, as foretold in 1 Corinthians 15 (and parallel, corollary texts), the resurrection to overcome the death introduced by Adam, is yet future, and will occur at the end of the current Christian age.

The precise wording of the propositions is, naturally, open to negotiations, so that each man feels fully comfortable in their respective proposition.

Any potential opponent should also be willing to pledge and promise that a follow up, second debate, will be held within one year, at their “home venue” — at their home congregation.

There are lots of other logistical details that can be negotiated, and I am more than happy to work with any candidate that meets these criteria given above and is willing to accept this open debate challenge.

If you meet these criteria, and are willing to defend Amillennialism in formal public debate, please contact me asap so that we can begin serious negotiations about the “finer points.” Here is a great opportunity for the “right man” to come to “our house” and present your case.

Anyone reading this, who thinks that their Amillennial preacher would be the right man for this invitation, please have them contact me. A note here: In the two weeks before the re-posting of this challenge, I sent two different messages to noted debater Dr. James White. He is recognized as an excellent debater. He also moderated my first debate with Dr. Michael Brown, on YouTube. As of this posting, Dr. White has not responded to my posts.

I am truly hoping that a good, scholarly man will step forward and accept our Open Debate Challenge.