Our New Book Now Available on Kindle!

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Kindle Version of Don K. Preston’s Newest Book is Now Available!

After encountering and overcoming some formatting issues I am very glad to announce that my newest book: “These Are the Days When All Things Must Be Fulfilled” is now available in Kindle format!

This book is a full on challenge to all futurist eschatologies! Jesus said that by the time of and in the events of the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, “all things written” would be fulfilled. While commentators strive to escape the force of Jesus’ words by saying that all he meant was that “all prophecies concerning the fall of Jerusalem” would be fulfilled, this is actually a fatal admission!

This book examines and refutes all attempts to explain away Jesus’ words. When one “catches the power” of the fact that all prophecy was indeed fulfilled by the time of the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, this changes everything!

There is not another book like this – anywhere! Get your own copy, paperback or Kindle Version – All Things Fulfilled, today, and see for yourself!

The reviews of the new book have started rolling in! Here are just a couple we have received, just today – 7-5-2023:

From “Nathan” on FaceBook: About half way into it. I think it may be one of Dons best. It is very easy to follow and I found my self saying “Why didn’t I see these things, it seems so obvious” 🔥

Richard from FaceBook, added: “Got it, Love it!”