Pre-Order The Gregg-V- Preston Debate DVDs– Now!

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We have made excellent progress– although it has been slow– in processing the video for the recently completed formal public debate between popular radio host and author, Steve Gregg (partial preterist), and Don K. Preston, (full preterist) of Preterist Research Institute. The debate was held in Denver, Colorado, September 6-8, and was one of the friendliest debates you can imagine!


Attendees commented repeatedly on the friendliness of the discussions and what a wonderful learning environment that this created. It truly was a “gentleman’s debate” if ever there was one. Gregg and Preston discussed a lot of topics, including Thessalonians, Hermeneutics, Resurrection, and much, much more!


I mailed off the processed video yesterday, priority mail, for it to be reduced to a fewer number of DVD discs. Lord willing, I will have the masters back to me within 2 weeks and I will begin duplicating immediately.


Many of you have contacted me about ordering your own DVDs of this excellent debate, and now, you can– at a reduced price!


Regular price for the DVDs will be $29.95 plus $4.95 postage, or $34.90 total. But, for those who pre-order, we will pay the shipping, for a total of only $29.95, delivered to your door!


Regular price for the MP3s will be $24.95 plus $4.95, for a total of $29.90. But, again for those who pre-order now, we will pay shipping, making the total of $24.95 delivered to your door!

Be among the very first to own your copy of this fantastic debate. Get a copy for a friend! This special price will only be good until the masters arrive and I start duplicating, so the time is limited!


To order your copy, either DVD or MP3, go to PayPal and hit “Send Money.” When it asks you who you wish to send it to, enter Enter the amount, and that is all there is to it!


If you wish to send a check or MO, just send that to:

JaDon Management Inc.

1405 4th Ave. N. W.


Ardmore, OK. 73401


Don’t delay! The time to take advantage of this reduced price is short! Order your copy of the DVDs or MP3s of the excellent debate between Don K. Preston and Steve Gregg today! Take advantage of this “pre-order” special and save!