70 Weeks Are Determined – The Resurrection


A comprehensive study of Daniel’s 70 Weeks, along with proof positive arguments for a fulfilled Resurrection taught from the perspective of Covenant Eschatology.



The doctrine of the resurrection is one that intrigues and fascinates us, and, is also one of the major issues of controversy in the entire field of eschatology. The opponents of Covenant Eschatology are adamant that the resurrection has not occurred, and they charge preterists with heresy for denying a yet future, physical resurrection at the end of the Christian age. In this new book, however, Preston shows, through an in-depth analysis of the Seventy Week prophecy of Daniel 9:24f, that inspiration posited the resurrection at the end of the Seventy Week prophecy, and that this occurred at the end of the Old Covenant age in A.D. 70.

In addition to being a positive exegesis of Daniel 9, and extensive study of the doctrine of the resurrection, Preston engages the authors of the recent Reformed book When Shall These Things Be? Edited by Keith Mathison. This is among the very first, and is the most extensive response to Mathison’s book, and refutes that work with stunning effectiveness. There is nothing else like it in the preterist literature, anywhere, by anyone.

Preston’s new book will be a great blessing to you, and will serve as an effective tool to equip you not only to understand the framework of the resurrection, but, it will equip you to answer those who deny the reality of resurrection life now.