Behind the Veil of Moses


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BUT EVEN TO THIS DAY, WHEN MOSES IS READ, A VEIL LIES ON THEIR HEART. (2 CORINTHIANS 3:15) Was Jesus the promised Messiah? Did He fulfill the Old Testament prophecies? According to the Apostle Paul, his fellow Jews did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah because their understanding was obscured by the Old Testament Mosaic law. Those who recognized Christ as the Messiah did so because they had looked BEHIND THE VEIL OF MOSES. If the veil of Moses prevented the majority of first-century Jews from recognizing Christ’s first coming, could it have also prevented the majority of the Church from recognizing the timing and nature of His Second Coming? ASSUREDLY, I SAY TO YOU, THIS GENERATION WILL BY NO MEANS PASS AWAY TILL ALL THESE THINGS TAKE PLACE. (MATTHEW 24:34) Are we the generation that will see all these things? Is the Antichrist alive right now? Why did the New Testament authors write, nearly 2,000 years ago, that Christ’s Second Coming was “near, at hand, shortly to take place”? To find the answers we must allow the New Testament, which reveals the Old Testament mysteries (Eph 3:3-5), to establish our interpretive framework. By doing so, we are looking . . . BEHIND THE VEIL OF MOSES

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For decades, BRIAN L. MARTIN awaited the Second Coming of Christ. Once challenged to defend Futurism (future fulfillment) against Preterism (past fulfillment), Martin eventually found himself peering behind the veil of Moses and being introduced to a paradigm-shattering truth”a truth so profound that it has led numerous laypersons, pastors, and theologians to embrace the scriptural support for the past fulfillment of Jesus’ promised return. BEHIND THE VEIL OF MOSES provides a structured, comprehensive, and easy-to-read introduction to the Preterist view of Scripture.

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